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November Newsletter

After a peculiar lull early in the month we finished strong with membership blowing past 500 and the heaviest monthly traffic to date. New interest groups include Film and Television, Freehacker's Union, Second Life, Healthcare IT and… Continue

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Featured Techie: Professor Philip Johnson

We had the pleasure of working with Professor Johnson and his Hackystat team several years ago on an open source community project. In addition to being impressed by the CSDL's Hackystat and Jupiter projects, I found the program's focus on producing well rounded software developers refreshing. In stark contrast to many of… Continue

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PodCamp Hawaii 2008: Blogatwitteropalooza

Today just before lunch I popped over to the

PodCamp Hawaii 2008 unconference to check out the scene and say hello to friends. As usual




Ryan and friends did a great job of… Continue

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Facebook and LinkedIn UIs Still Smell Funny

Is it just me, or are the major social network UIs still counterintuitive and in some cases getting worse? I find myself going on scavenger hunts for common functions in LinkedIn. Ryan and I recently discovered dozens of users waiting to join our LinkedIn groups because we were unaware they had applied. There are no email notifications and it takes four clicks just to discover new members waiting to join your group. LinkedIn's UX… Continue

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October Featured Techie: Kevin Hughes

I was introduced to Kevin four years ago by my good friend Olin Lagon. It was immediately apparent Kevin possessed a rare combination of technical skills and a keen aesthetic sense. Kevin doesn't program UIs, he sculpts them. One of the best examples of Kevin’s superb UI work is SproutBuilder. There are quite a few Flash widget… Continue

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