Hawaiʻi's Technology Community


3D CG Design & Animation
Companies involved in 3D design and animation projects
Advanced Research & Development
Companies involved in advanced research and development projects
Application Service Providers
Providers of software as a service
Computer Repair
Providers of repair services for computers, computer peripherals and network equipment
Computer Sales
Providers of computers, computer peripherals and network equipment
Gaming & Edutainment
Shrink wrapped and online game developers
Graphic Design
Providers of digital and print design services
Hosting, ISP and VoIP
Providers of hosting services and ISPs
Industry Groups
Science, tech and new media related industry groups and associations
IT, Network Administration and Help Desk
Providers of IT services, network administration, computer and network installation and help desk services
Localization & Internationalization
Providers of localization, internationalization and translation services
Marketing, Social Media & PR
Providers of marketing and public relations services
Mobile Application Development
Companies offering mobile (iPhone, iPad, Android, etc.) design and development services
Movie & Television
Companies offering cinema and television related services
Companies that don't fit into existing categories
Renewable Energy
Companies providing products and services relating to renewable energy or sustainability
Schools & Training Centers
Providers of science, tech and new media education
Providers of search engine optimization and search engine management
Social Networks & Services
Social networking sites and Services
Software Development
Providers of desktop, web, embedded and mobile software development services
Web Design & Development
Providers of web design and development services


web design, web development, localization

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