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3d Animation, Visual Effects, Live Action to Visual Effects Integration, Design,
Visual Effects Supervison, Conceptual Design
36 North Hotel Street, Suite B, Honolulu, HI 96817
Phone: +1 (808) 744-7807

We are an Design, Visual Effects and Animation company with 10+ years experience.

Our clients range from Honolulu to Los Angeles. Our Goal is to be a valuable creative toolbox for agency art directors, producers and directors. Our wide variety of original styles and techniques are the tools to help bring your ideas, your vision to brilliant life. We'd like you to think of our versatile team of directors and artists as collaborators, who'll provide energy and creativity from conception through delivery. So that what ends up on the screen meets or even surpasses "what you saw in your head". We are a collective of animators, artists, designers, and directors. We see concepts in unexpected ways that allow us to express the project's voice in undeniably original methods.
Screaming wink productions, LLC
Video, CG, Animation, Motion Graphics, Illustration
Phone: +1 (808) 963-5482

We are a full service High Definition Digital Production house on the Big Island - from concept to final cut.
Skyfarm Digital
Motion graphics, broadcast design, branding, animation, rotoscoping, digital painting, campaigns
Phone: +1 (808) 635-2300
4362 Liliuokalani Place | Kilauea, HI 96754

Skyfarm Digital is a Pele and Emmy award winning broadcast design agency for Hawaii. Kauai resident and owner Steven Squire is a designer and animator of all things that move. Inspired creative, old-fashioned storytelling and technical acumen with the media is what we use to drive the viewer through each frame to the next.


web design, web development, localization

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