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Social Networks & Services   Isn't it time you owned your identity?
Content Hub and Identity Management Platform is a new solution for managing your online identity, your content, your contacts and controlling "who sees what".
Ginx is a web-based Twitter client for links. Twitter has become a great way to share and discover links that enables all of us to stay more connected to what's going in the world. As we ourselves started to share and click on links in tweets more frequently, we decided to create a Twitter client focused on providing a richer experience for sharing and discussing these links.
Ikayzo / Ooi   Design · Build · Localize
Social Media Consulting (US, Japan & China), Web & Mobile Community Development
Phone (EN) +1 (808) 539-3804
Phone (JA) +1 (808) 685-7975
Manoa Innovation Center | 2800 Woodlawn Drive, Suite 151 | Honolulu, HI 96822

Ikayzo is an award winning interactive design agency and software development shop. We license software to industry giants such as Oracle, provide design and software architecture consulting to companies such as Bank of America, and work on software standards with companies including Google, IBM, Intel, Sun, Adobe, Apache Foundation, Red Hat, BEA and SAP.
Kanu Hawaii   Our kuleana calls
Kanu Hawai'i is a movement of 6,933 island style activists. We commit to change ourselves before asking others. We strive for a sustainable, resilient, and compassionate Hawai'i and world.We are guided by island concepts of aloha and kuleana.
Our Town 808
Our Town 808 is a social networking site focused on real world neighborhoods in Hawaii.


web design, web development, localization

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