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Congrats to the Bump Networks Team on Flikdate

A team that includes three co-founders from Bump Networks on Maui is about to launch FlikDate, a nifty looking mobile video dating app. They got covered in TechCrunch three weeks ago!


It's kinda like ChatRoulette but uses FBConnect for signups, so people are less likely to act badly (and they can be easily tracked and bounced). The monetization…


Added by Alex Salkever on June 19, 2012 at 11:47pm — 3 Comments

Citizen Photojournalism - New Apps, Powerful Phonecams, May Bring it to Life

Here's the first part of an article I wrote for Streetfight, a publication covering hyperlocal. There are some incredibly cool things happening in this field. Would love comments on how you think this might work in other applications - maybe like Ushahidi except for video and images?


Is TapIn the Future of Hyperlocal?…


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Hawaii as Social Gaming Mecca?

A constant topic of conversation in the Hawaii tech community is - what tech niches would work in Hawaii or, even better, be really well suited to the islands. One that seems to be a natural is social gaming. Why? A couple of reasons. First, our affinity with Japan (and close ties with the culture) give us a huge leg up on the gaming future. Anyone who knows the history of RPGs in Japan knows that Farmville (and most other Zynga titles) came from Japanese RPGs (or flavors of them) that…


Added by Alex Salkever on June 7, 2011 at 7:57pm — 4 Comments

EMR Penetration Could Give Hawaii a Key Healthcare Advantage

Hawaii is already among the national leaders in lots of health care metrics. Cost of care and expenditures on health care in the islands, on a per capita basis adjusted to a regional COLA scale, is incredibly low - much lower than other areas of the country with comparable costs of living and economic conditions. But a new study came out yesterday that hints at the benefits of widespread use of Electronic Medical Records. Stanford scientists did some data mining and spotted something really… Continue

Added by Alex Salkever on May 26, 2011 at 6:56am — 6 Comments

Featured Techie: Marcelo Kobayashi, Inventor of BioTOM

The Hawaii Space Flight Laboratory had a problem. For the Leonidas low-cost nano-satellite program, the University of Hawaii program needed to design an adapter to connect as many as 18 small satellites to larger satellite. Upon attaining the proper orbital or… Continue

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Featured Techie: Mark Dawson, CEO of

Mark Dawson wants to blow up the online job boards business. And it's hard to beat his price -- free, as in beer. Dawson is the CEO of, a Honolulu dot-com startup owned by staffing firm Altres. Jobsfreeforall offers free resume uploads to applicants and free job listings, applicant tracking and other goodies that employers and staffing agencies currently pay for when using job boards such as or CareerBuilder.… Continue

Added by Alex Salkever on April 16, 2010 at 7:30pm — 3 Comments

How to Play WOW For a Living, Get Tenure, and Live in Hawaii - Really

The World of Warcraft (WOW) has claimed many souls. Seriously addicted players rack up countless hours in front of the glowing screen, fighting battles with fellow guildies and ascending the ranks of this intricate and still wildly popular virtual word game that is considerd by many to be the finest example of MMOG (Massively Multiplayer Online Game) artistry.… Continue

Added by Alex Salkever on March 19, 2010 at 8:34am — 9 Comments

Featured Techie: Keiki-Pua Dancil, CEO of HiSciTech, the State's Largest Tech Advocacy Organization

Our Featured Techie post is usually a love fest, a testament to amazing things that some
geek in Honolulu has accomplished, often against serious odds. This month's
 belated Featured Techie is different. This is not to say that Keiki-Pua Dancil
 doesn't have technology chops. Coming off a gig at one of a handful of biotech
 startups in Hawai`i , Keiki-Pua (she prefers to be called that) is a rare combo
 of bio smarts and business savvy. She sports a Harvard MBA and PhD in… Continue

Added by Alex Salkever on February 6, 2010 at 6:01pm — 8 Comments

Featured Techie: Haralds Jass, Founder and CEO of Superb Internet, Hawaii's Largest Web Hosting Company

In January 2009, Superb Internet Corp. relocated to Honolulu from Vancouver, Canada lock, stock and barrel. The Internet hosing and technology services company had decided to leave Canada for a number of reasons bu the move was a surprise to many in Hawaii. The traditional pattern for technology companies in the islands is launch small, grow to a larger size then leave. And the traditional reasons cited for leaving are usually cost of operating a business in Hawaii, lack of qualified… Continue

Added by Alex Salkever on December 27, 2009 at 1:30pm — 15 Comments

Hawaii's Feed-In Tariff: More Information Needed, Pronto - Big Backers Like Hawaii But Need Details, Economics

In my time working on the U.S. Mainland (I'm splitting time there now between SF and HNL), I've been talking to a lot of top-tier venture capitalists, energy project financiers, and investment bankers involved in green energy. After finding out that I was from Hawaii, a number of them have asked me about the state's new Feed-In Tariff. They wanted detailed information so that they could see if clean energy projects in Hawaii might pencil out. Sadly, I had to tell them that the FIT at present… Continue

Added by Alex Salkever on December 6, 2009 at 10:11am — 1 Comment

TechHui Featured Techie of the Month - Darren Kimura, CEO of Sopogy and Confirmed Energy Geek

Darren T. Kimura is an energy geek. While still in college he founded his first-energy related business, a consultancy focused on helping businesses conserve power and save money. He launched that business out of a the back of a beat-up Chevy Blazer. Today, Kimura is a top executive of two of Hawaii's most prominent energy companies, …


Added by Alex Salkever on November 30, 2009 at 8:30am — 5 Comments

Featured Techie: Seth Ladd, Organizer of Aloha on Rails Conference and Ruby on Rails Guru

On October 5th, the

"Aloha on Rails" Conference kicked off at the

Marriott Waikiki Hotel. The event was one of the top

Ruby on Rails regional conferences in 2009. These conferences bring together practitioners of and experts in Ruby on Rails, a software development framework that has become increasingly popular in the world of… Continue

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TechHui Featured Techie of the Month - Kim Binsted, Human Factors Expert, ICS Rockstar, and Intrepid Mars Simulator

Some geeks live in the lab. Others live on an entirely different planet - like Mars. Well, almost like Mars. Meet

Kim Binsted, our featured Techie of the Month. Kim is an associate professor at the University of Hawaii's Information and Computer Sciences(ICS) department. Binsted is also a co-investigator at the

UH-NASA Astrobiology Institute. She… Continue

Added by Alex Salkever on September 29, 2009 at 8:00pm — 7 Comments

Shameless Plug - Join Kokua Social Network, Enter to Win $100 Grocery Gift Certificate - And Help Make Hawaii a Better Place

Yep, you are officially getting spammed (albeit for a good cause). we *really* want to encourage you to join our new Kokua Social Network ( I am on the Board of Directors of Kokua Market and we are Hawaii's largest natural foods and lifestyle products cooperative. (We are actually right in Moiliili - look for the colorful murals across from the 7-11). And we have long thought… Continue

Added by Alex Salkever on September 27, 2009 at 9:30pm — 4 Comments

New Kam School Train Study Merits Real Consideration

Apparently, the Kamehameha Schools believes there is a better alternative to the overhead train package supported by the Hannemann Administration and many developers and contractors. This alternative would cost a lot less, be less disruptive for local businesses during the construction… Continue

Added by Alex Salkever on September 13, 2009 at 7:00am — 5 Comments

Cash for Clunkers -- Except Not Really

So a good friend of mine has been desperately trying to trade in his 1994 Nissan Pathfinder (which is clunkers eligible) for a Toyota Prius. Trouble is, Servco (the only sellers of Prius' in Hawaii) only gets several in per month. I am wondering -- are others in Hawaii who *want* to buy clunkers having trouble getting the cars that they want in stock? Also, where are the Hawaii clunkers going to go? Into local landfills?

Added by Alex Salkever on August 14, 2009 at 1:54pm — No Comments

So what do you think of Apple shutting out the Google Voice App on the iPhone?

Very curious to get people's impressions. I wrote about it here.

"With Google (GOOG) CEO Erick Schmidt stepping down from the Apple (AAPL) Board of Directors, the battle has now clearly begun. Google is all about open standards, open technology, and an open… Continue

Added by Alex Salkever on August 5, 2009 at 3:05pm — 3 Comments


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