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Java Developer News

''Hello, Micronaut'' Using

For the past couples of months, I've worked to develop an online starter that helps developers generate Micronaut applications based on Micronaut-Profile Project templates. The Micronaut online starter was published on the website. In this article, we will create a REST web service powered by the Micronaut framework using Let's get to it!

What Is Micronaut?

In a nutshell, Micronaut is a lightweight, JVM-based framework that's ahead of compilation time, with less startup time natively.

10 Steps to Become an Outstanding Java Developer

1. Have a strong foundation and understanding of OO principles

For a Java developer, having a strong understanding of object-oriented programming is a must. Without having a strong foundation on OOPS, one can't realize the beauty of an object-oriented programming language like Java. If you don't have a good idea of what OOPS is, even though you are using the OOP language, you may be still coding in a procedural way. Just studying OO principle definitions won't help much. We should know how to apply those principles in designing a solution in an OO way. So, one should have a strong knowledge of object modeling, inheritance, polymorphism, design patterns, etc.

2. Master the core APIs

 It doesn't matter how strong you are in terms of theoretical knowledge if you don't know the language constructs and core APIs. In the case of Java, one should have very strong hands-on experience with core APIs like java.lang.*, I/O, exceptions, collections, generics, threads, JDBC, etc. When it comes to building web applications, no matter which framework you are using, it's also crucial that you understand concepts around servlets and JSPs — this is a must.

Ant-to-Maven Conversions: The Painless Method

If you've ever come across a situation to convert your grandfathers' Java project (which he used to build with Ant) to Maven, you know my pain. Maybe you are reading this because it's time to do that. So, here is a definitive guide to doing that without getting lost in dependency hell (RIP grandpa)!

Create the Directory Structure

Execute the following commands in order to create the standard Maven directory structure.

For-Comprehension Free Monads in Scala

A free monad is a construction that allows you to build a monad from any functor. There exists rich literature that explains this concept, notably from Cats and Scalaz documents.

In Scala, free monad allows us to model a workflow using for-comprehension through its monadic operations; it lifts the operations to free monads and is run by an interpreter. However, Scala’s for-comprehension has more to offer than monadic operations.

Minimize Turnaround Times With Open Liberty's Dev Mode [Video]

Below, I've uploaded a video in which I show how to reduce the turnaround times while writing Enterprise Java applications that are deployed on Open Liberty. The liberty:dev goal of the Maven plugin watches for file changes and applies the changes instantly, without the need to rebuild the whole deployment artifact.

I'll show how Open Liberty can keep running while we're changing source code, configuration, server features, or project dependencies. Running system tests against the already-running application also vastly reduce waiting times.

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Comment by Vern Takebayashi on April 24, 2010 at 8:27pm
Yes, you are correct about Jackson being able to produce that output. The main reason why I put the toString() method in, is that I usually require that my students write that method for any basic storage class that they write. I think Jackson will get a fair amount of usage, especially since it is one of the best performing Java JSON parsers.
Comment by Les Vogel on April 24, 2010 at 3:10pm
Cool. I've been using org.json which while fairly tiny, is really annoying to use. Jackson looks like it produces more of what one would like.

I imagine that your toString method could easily ask Jackson to do that for you with a lot less code, but at the expense of order.
Comment by Vern Takebayashi on April 24, 2010 at 2:57pm
Hi, I did not see much about JSON parsing in Java. Here is a PDF file
json-parsing-with-jackson.pdf that I just wrote for my ICS 111 course, that uses the Jackson Java JSON parser (
) If any of you care about JSON parsing in Java, I would appreciate feedback on this handout. Thanks, Vern
Comment by Stephen McMahon on April 1, 2009 at 3:01pm
Here's a good GWT presentation that I stumbled upon yesterday:

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