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It's been a long time coming, but Java 7 is finally with us 1 Reply

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Java Developer News

Scala Generics (Part 1): Scala Type Bounds

Generic types, abstract types, scala type bounds: All these concepts are unusual for software developers who are coming from languages in which generics are not (or are barely) used. So, in this first article, we will discuss the basics and try to dig down only in type bounds.

Let's work with this little set of types and we will continuously modify the Parking type.

YaaS.clj: A Clojure Client Library for Hybris-as-a-Service

Recently, I decided to start a Clojure client library project for SAP Hybris as a Service (YaaS). But before the client library, let's see what YaaS is according to and

What Is SAP Hybris-as-a-Service (YaaS)?

YaaS is a microservices ecosystem helping businesses to rapidly augment and build new, highly flexible solutions.

Which IDEs and Servers Support Java EE 8 and Java 9?

I've been wanting to experiment with Java EE 8 and Java 9 as a continuation of my posts on Java 9. Seems simple enough, but it's actually quite hard to get a combination of IDEs and servers to work together.

The easy part of this problem is finding IDEs that support Java 9. All the major IDEs offer JDK support:

Lombok's Extension Methods

Spicing Java with Lombok! Let's talk about another excellent Lombok feature — @ExtensionMethod. An extension method is a feature of object-oriented-programming languages that allows methods defined outside of a class to be used with objects of that class (using the '.' operator) as if they are part of the class. Many programming languages such as C#, Scala, Kotlin, and TypeScript have this feature.

Java does not.

Spring Batch CSV Processing

Welcome! Topics we will be discussing today include the essential concepts of batch processing with Spring Batch and how to import the data from a CSV into a database.

Spring Batch CSV Processing Example Application

We are building an application that demonstrates the basics of Spring Batch for processing CSV files. Our demo application will allow us to process a CSV file that contains hundreds of records of Japanese anime titles.

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Comment by Vern Takebayashi on April 24, 2010 at 8:27pm
Yes, you are correct about Jackson being able to produce that output. The main reason why I put the toString() method in, is that I usually require that my students write that method for any basic storage class that they write. I think Jackson will get a fair amount of usage, especially since it is one of the best performing Java JSON parsers.
Comment by Les Vogel on April 24, 2010 at 3:10pm
Cool. I've been using org.json which while fairly tiny, is really annoying to use. Jackson looks like it produces more of what one would like.

I imagine that your toString method could easily ask Jackson to do that for you with a lot less code, but at the expense of order.
Comment by Vern Takebayashi on April 24, 2010 at 2:57pm

I did not see much about JSON parsing in Java. Here is a PDF file json-parsing-with-jackson.pdf that I just wrote for my ICS 111 course, that uses the Jackson Java JSON parser () If any of you care about JSON parsing in Java, I would appreciate feedback on this handout.

Comment by Stephen McMahon on April 1, 2009 at 3:01pm
Here's a good GWT presentation that I stumbled upon yesterday:

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