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I just joined this group (and I am not fully acquainted with TechHui's architecture), so am I in the right place to inquire whether there is anyone around whose actively interested in Java's wonderfully TOTAL replacement for J2ee's Enterprise Beans, i.e. its TOTALLY NEW APPROACH to the same functionality that makes J2ee's mastery, not to mention code ... ummm ... is worthless to strong?

Sorry, but some days it's is just difficult to love Java.

Regardless ... if this it the right place to look for anyone else in Hawaii whose actively interested in the new JPA approach to enterprise level data-object mapping?

Be well,

Stay safe,

Win stuff,


PS: For what it is worth, I can't help but notice how many groups, like this one, have so little activity.

My bet is that's because, despite the Conventional Wisdom that people love to network, people who are worth knowing really prefer to DO SOMETHING ... over just talking about stuff.

In the context of building an active group, it seems organizing meetings around a goal of building a project that was more than some slap dash hollow code demos of isolated functionality would work best. grin ... of course that is only IF there are other people in Hawaii interested in this branch of Java to begin with

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Hey George,

I think you are in the right place (or at least one of the major right places) to ask about this. In fact Dan Leuck who is one of the main contributors here is (or at least was) part of the JCP process. Personally I haven't read much about Java's replacement for J2ee's Enterprise Beans. Part of the reason I don't personally post more stuff here is because it isn't a mailing list which makes it more work to post and reply to.
Hi George,
Welcome to the group! Hibernate replaced J2EE's EJBs for most Java projects about a decade ago. We've used it on every Java project since 2003. The designer of Hibernate was on the JPA expert group within the JCP, which is why it was so heavily influenced by Hibernate's design. Today Hibernate provides JPA interfaces so you can easily pick your API while relying on a mature, robust and fully featured ORM.

You may also be interested in the Grails framework's GORM, which sits on top of Hibernate and makes it even easier to use.

Hi Jason,

Thanks for the info, but ... grin ... double negatives always leave by unsure of what I've just been told.

So ummm ... re: " I don't personally post more stuff here is because it isn't a mailing list which makes it more work to post and reply to."

Grin .. Are you really saying you DO NOT post more because this IS NOT a list that requires TOO MUCH work?

Or vice versa?


PS:  I apologize for the silliness, but I just can't resist double negatives ... or unreferenced plural pronouns.

Seems to be part of my Nature

Hi Daniel,


Thanks for the background, but for better ... our more likely much worse ... I'm wedded to 100% Java and my own code.


I just do not trust intermeidary software that provides what it thinks I need or want.  And for some reason I've always found that while its 110% more efficient for 99% of commercial applications, whenever I find myself needing that 1% more flexibility that Java has, it takes 1000% more effort to get it, if in fact I can.


And then ... In the days of Google taking so much money from the government, twitter handing over massive data dumps, and a question that seems fair about whether some of the commercial encryption program companies migh have been persuaded to add a small exploitable flaw somewhere for use ... Of course only for the "Greater Good" by a truly well intentioned government ... I guess I feel like I'd rather have it be my own fault if my code isn't as bulletproof as it should have been.


And ... grin ... I'm blessed with the gift of no longer needing to be as efficient a coder as you young guys like you who do it for a living. 


So for now I'll just stay on the bottom rung.  Grin ... I suspect nothign but machine code would ever make me feel totally happy ... but alas ... life just isn't long enough for that.





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