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I've been heavily anticipating the release of the Motorola Atrix.  So much so, that I've been looking online for cases and accessories in anticipation of purchasing the Atrix.  If you haven't seen it yet, you've gotta check it out.

The Rumors

Earlier on there were some rumored price points of $150 for the phone and $150 for the laptop dock.  The most powerful smartphone to date, and priced right by a brand name, what awesome news for the Android platform.  The multimedia dock appears to be priced at $59.95 or $99.95 with remote.  I, personally didn't see a use for the laptop dock, especially because I have received a present from Google in the form of a CR48.  However, the multimedia dock, interests me very much.  I have an iPhone 4 and, while it isn't for everybody, I actually watch more shows on my phone than on the television (to be explained in a later post), either through Hulu Plus, NetFlix or podcasts on MediaFly.  I would love to be able to plug my phone into a dock and get my shows up on the big screen.


The Official Statement

Now AT&T has apparently made an official statements that price the phone at $199.  The laptop dock is to be priced at $500, standalone, or if you get the phone and laptop dock together, that will run you $500 (basically you get the phone), after $100 rebate AND you are required to sign up for the Data Pro AND tethering plans.  The multimedia dock can be had in the multimedia bundle that comes with the dock, remote, Bluetooth keyboard and Bluetooth mouse for $189.  Though the dock alone may still be available at cheaper prices elsewhere.


The Reaction

Although they probably have reasons for their pricing points, I think they are not only missing a great opportunity, but also may be setting themselves up for failure on several different fronts here.  Let me attempt to break this down:


  1. The price point of the phone is fine $199 on contract is the going rate these days.  I personally think they could have gotten away with $249 because of the increased specs.  However, $500 for a laptop shell is absolutely ridiculous, at $149, it's questionable, but could be a "why not" type of purchase.  With full featured laptops/netbooks available for the same price, what would be the upside to purchasing the shell, that you can't donate to your kids, friends or charity when you upgrade?  
  2. Not really showing up in the equation anywhere else is the fact that Google is on the verge of hitting the market with ChromeOS laptops.  These "nothing but net" laptops pretty much gives the user a web browser (Chrome).  Which is what the Atrix Webtop provides, a browser (Firefox).  Except the ChromeOS laptops are designed to be fast and really cheap, most likely sub $200 and possibly sub $100, though no official price points have been given yet.  I'd opt for a ChromeOS laptop over a dock, being that I will be able to use my ChromeOS laptop even after I have switched phones.
  3. Much of the talk about the Atrix has been focused around the docking ability.  Talk of the docks seem to over shadow the fact that, even without the docking ability, the Atrix will be the most powerful phone on the market.  However, because of the heavy focus on the docks, it seems that the growing sentiment is that if the docks are so over priced, it doesn't make sense to purchase the phone.  It'd be interested how sales will be, compared to the Motorola Bionic being released on Verizon.  The Bionic has half the RAM of the Atrix but otherwise, besides minor differences in screen size and camera resolution, it's practically the same phone, without the focus on docking.

The Speculation

I do have some theories behind the pricing.  

  • Maybe the price point was reconsidered between the time the rumors started and now, based on the positive reactions it got from CES and everyone else across the internet.  
  • Maybe they have released they are rolling the dice and hoping it will sell out regardless of the price.  I've sometimes been in the situation where I sold something and looked back and went, man, I could have made so much more money on that deal.  Admittedly, it's a hard sell, but it might work for them.  
  • Maybe AT&T will reconsider based on the negative reaction of the general public... hah... it would be nice, but I doubt it.

In any case, it is still an awesome phone and I'm definitely picking one up, even without the dock.  Stay tuned for the comparison between the Atrix and the iPhone, both initial and after a month.




James Pakele


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Comment by James Pakele on February 15, 2011 at 11:11am

Yeah, I just took their survey and I guess they like all the answers I gave.  I use Linux as my primary OS and have nearly everything cloud based.  So I guess all my answers were the "right" answers.  I wonder if part of the selection is that they could see I filled out the survey from a Linux based machine.  

Comment by Tonu Apelu on February 15, 2011 at 11:02am

HA! you are lucky. I signed up for one of them laptops few months back but I didn't get it. I think its cool that I lean more towards Apple even with their wall gardened approach to their products, and you towards Google with their open platform Android. I just read a few of you latest post on your blog, and I received great insight. I look forward to sharing some ideas about these two companies and the competition between them.


Comment by James Pakele on February 15, 2011 at 10:54am

I should do a YouTube thingy as well.  I'm kinda new to this blog, review, video thing.  I've only done one YouTube video and that was the unboxing of the CR48 that I received.  Just to show the people I've been talking to about it, exactly how fast and simple it will be to get up and running.  I'm currently discouraging friends and family interested in buying  a computer to "just get on the internet" until the ChromeOS systems start coming out.  Hoping for a nicer price point.


Here's the CR48 video, show on an iPhone...





Comment by Tonu Apelu on February 15, 2011 at 10:43am

Hahaha, Gotta love the "Matrix". It's funny I had the same experience when I went to purchase my iPad from the Honolulu Apple Store. They didn't want to take my cash, and like you, I don't have a credit card (poor college student). Fortunately I had my debit card so I used it to purchase my iPad. Makes me wonder why these retail stores require a credit card to purchase their products. Even if I was to have a credit card I would not use it at the retail shop.


As for the customer service experience, I think its funny they are not familiar with the Atrix. It's only highly anticipated phone of 2011 (until the official announcement of iPhone 5). If you are planning to do a Youtube Video review with a written review keep me posted. 


Comment by James Pakele on February 15, 2011 at 10:14am

I agree, I'm getting the phone but will definitely pass on docking systems.  You bring up a very good point that I hadn't thought of... third party docking systems.  If the dock is a dumb (as dumb terminal) as the reviewers claim it to be, third party docks are very possible.  

On a side note, I walked into AT&T to pre-order the Atrix.  I tried to hand them cash over the counter, they said they could only take a credit card.  I try to hand them my debit card, they say they will only take a credit card.  Well... I don't own a "credit card", on purpose.  So now I'm on the hunt for someone who does and if nothing else works will probably use a company credit card when going into the office on Friday.  


On a funnier note... I called AT&T customer support to see if I could give them the company credit card number over the phone and after some discussion about me keeping my unlimited data plan the support guy comes back, says he doesn't know why the salesperson in the store wouldn't take the cash, then goes on to tell me what I needed to do to preorder the "Matrix.... ummm... what is it called"... Yes, the AT&T customer support person had never even heard of it... I tell him it took top honors at CES in the beginning of the year, and that it's the first phone with the laptop docking options, to which he replied, "they keep us in the dark about new products around here"... All I could do was think, man, just drive by a store, it's on a big banner in the window... heheheh, funny as hell, I couldn't get off the phone fast enough, I'll just wait till Friday.

Comment by Tonu Apelu on February 15, 2011 at 10:05am

Hey James,


I have to agree that the phone is the most powerful smartphone soon to hit the market. I also agree that Motorola introduced the Atrix with an awesome concept of having a laptop shell to increase productivity of its users. However, I disagree with the price they are offering for the laptop shell. I have been following the Motorola Xoom (tablet that looks to compliment the Atrix and compete with the iPad) and Motorola is also selling it at a high price with a required subscription. I don't think that Motorola understands the consumer in the market of buying a phone. With $500 a user can purchase a full function and powerful laptop, instead of a laptop shell.

I believe that the high price will not prevent consumers from buying the phone. I predict (using my 8 ball and Harry Potter magic) that people will buy the phone but not the laptop shell. The high price for the shell will definitely create opportunity for  3rd party manufactures to create a cheaper laptop shell case. I say buy the phone, and wait for a 3rd party laptop shell to hit the market later.  To answer your question is the Atrix will be a success, but not the laptop shell introduce at CES.



Honolulu Tech Gear Examiner


Comment by Cameron Souza on February 13, 2011 at 5:09am

Interesting. I look forward to reading your review and comparison to iPhone!


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