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Google / Motorola

So, Google buys Motorola... I believe this is a multi-faceted move on Google's part.  Besides the obvious patent reason, there are other benefits to this deal.  


Immediately I think:

- Motorola has a set top box product, GoogleTV

- Front line for a "Nexus" type of tablet device.

- The phone docking product line has just gotten a lot more interesting and the likelihood of the product I was dreaming of could very much come to light now... Android when I'm…


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Getting Google Social

For a while now, Google has admittedly had problem with *going social*.  Somewhat in their defense, many companies have tried to build social platforms and failed.  The disheartening thing about Google, though, is that they already have all the elements of a social platform and in many cases their products are a lot better.  However, like the awkward geeky kid in the corner of the…


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Motorola Atrix vs iPhone 4, Two Months Later

So... It's been a while since I've switched from an iPhone to the Motorola Atrix. In the initial article I tried to focus on things that matter, when you use the phone. Real life…


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Why Google Won't Kick Flash...

When Google decided to no longer support the H.264 video format stating patent issues one of the biggest questions I heard being asked was "Why not Flash?". Also, when Apple decided not to support Flash the Android market made the fact that it will support Flash one of it's marketing points. I believe, as far as Google is concerned, Apple couldn't have done them a bigger favor. Many people are looking at the little battles, but missing the war. The dark horse is ChromeOS. 



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From iPhone 4 to Motorola Atrix

History With The iPhone

I have been an iPhone user from the first generation iPhone, you know... Edge network, no cut and paste, need a charger everywhere iPhone.  My most recent iPhone was a jailbroken iPhone 4.  I resisted jailbreaking for a long time, but when I finally did it, I realized a new world of functionality, Calendar events on the lock screen (Lock Calender), toggles accessible without having to dig through the…


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Samsungs Slap In The Face

The Setup

Last year Samsung released an impressive line of Android smartphones on many different carriers.  At the time of release they seemed to be the Android front runner for competition with the iPhone on AT&T .  They even captured the top Android sales spot in Q3 of 2010 as well as …


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Motorola Atrix, Success or Flop???

Motorola Atrix

I've been heavily anticipating the release of the Motorola Atrix.  So much so, that I've been looking online for cases and accessories in anticipation of purchasing the Atrix.  If you haven't seen it yet, you've gotta check it out.

The Rumors

Earlier on there were some …


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