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iPhone coming to China as soon as September of this year!

So I read on the news yesterday, that Apple and a Chinese cellular network company (Unicom) has finally signed a deal to release the iPhone in China!

However, a lot of the news reports are saying that these Chinese iPhones won't have Wifi capabilities. I'm slightly confused about what this actually means: is it just the wifi chip that's restricted, or are the 3G/Edge capabilities restricted as well?

If there are no internet access at all on these Chinese iPhones, then it's just a fancy touch-screen phone with music-playing capabilities. I highly doubt Apple would have agreed with this, when it would severely cripple the iPhone and prevent access to the app store (that would be a huge revenue loss from iPhone apps). I hope the fact that Unicom's release of 3G networks during September-October (the same predicted time of iPhone's release in China) is a hint that 3G networks will be accessible through the iPhone..

BTW, if internet access and the app store is available, I wonder how should iPhone developers price their apps that are released in China? One dollar translates to 6-7 RMB, which is extremely cheap for something like a software in China's standards.

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