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Fireworks Fun reviewed by!

I was extremely ecstatic last night when I saw that some staff members at were playing our game last night, and ranked second on the high score server! You can see the high score list at:

Then when I checked it later today, not only did they score #1 with a score of 61,100 (with a total playing time of 8 minutes), they also gave a quick review for our game!

You can see it here:

Of course, not only did they talk about the good things for our game, but also the bad things which we are already aware of. My partner and I had a long chat tonight about the next update :)

If you played the game, we would welcome your feedback as well! If you didn't, then you should try it out :D

- Sherwin
P.S. - The highest score I have ever gotten was 40,000 and it was not submitted to the server. To have someone that likes our game so much, and to dedicate so much time to it is amazing!

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