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heroku cloud application platorm

New cool platform for your online application.  Allows you to scale up on-demand and run all your critical application ( web apps,etc) online using 'heroku's  Cloud Application Platform.

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My tips and tricks to building leads!

Keys to a success leads

. choose higher priced products

. Look for products that are generating tons of pre-launch buzz

. Look for products with recurring commissions built in or cookies that are good for multiple products.

. Look for people having lauches who you'd like to meet personally or do business with

. Check your inbox (look for product buzzzz)

contact the person doing the launch and ask them for ideas... their JV blog is a good start



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Official high traffic academy

Just made my 2nd $344 this month with my online Internet Marketing training.  Awesome!   Just finish launching 2 new videos on High end professional training for getting lots of internet traffic to a website.   I dont like to leave a link but here is one of my site called and my friend chinese friends site to a cool demo of how to make money at "…


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Blue Moon

Once in a Blue Moon.... August 2012 will have two full moons... August 2nd and 31st.

The second full moon of a month has been referred to as the Blue Moon. The next Blue Moon isn't due until July 2015!

*** dont forget to put out your crystals for recharging!

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Cool WP plugin for a membership site!

Turn any WordPress blog into a full-blown membership site.  Perfect solution for those advance Internet Marketers that are now needed a cloud space to allow their subscribers to get your specialized training! 

It is simple and you can use it for any WordPress site, simply download unzip, upload to your blog site!  You will be able to completely manage your usership and features on the site.  Upload your videos, e-books, audio files!  This…


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Easy Cheap PDF Files

Most of my customer are now using PDF-Creator for making PDF files and emailing them.  It is a great easy alternative and "green way" to printing and snail mailing your invoice or letters.   Just Install PDF-Creator and you can be printing PDF files the easy way!  On Kauai and Maui most of my non-profit companies that I service uses PDF-Creator.  So for…


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Amazing new Universal Software Radio Peripheral!

Lou Frenzel of Electronic Design magazine talks with Erik Lou Frenzel at National Instruments about some cool new products:  USRP2920 and 2921.  Which are combo of software and hardware platform for building software-defined radio.    Perfect for enhanced learning in the DSP and SDR development.  I think it totally rocks in UI simplicity and JIT capabilities to build SDR projects.   I could imagine awesome use in more advance development in OFDM wireless tuning technology in wideband…


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Kauai Independent Food Bank wins!


Since separating from the grim past of mis-guided supports.
Today we have built an amazing, innovative organization. Our board is lead by Kauai residents who really care about feeding our families. Thank you…

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Beyond RAID.... Drobo!

Okay... gang... had some video guys asking me about the RAID solutions for their video business.   And talked to them about NAS.... too technical for them.  So I introduce them to Drobo.    Problem solved.  Hero!


sorry hate to sound like a commercial.. but this product is very awesome... and true plug and play solution.   No need RAID expertise.

go figure:

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WiFi Steps Up to 60 GHz


Recently there has been a number of interesting developments in Wi-Fi chipsets. Last month Qualcomm Atheros and Wilocity announced the first tri-band Wi-Fi chipset that integrates multi-gigabit performance in the 60-GHz band with handoff to the 2.4- and 5-GHz bands.  

“The AR9004TB solution is the first to offer multi-gigabit Wi-Fi and wireless bus extension, coupled with dual-band Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.0,” says Mark Grodzinsky, vice president of marketing of… Continue

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Building a New Economy based on Virtual Security.

"Blue Pill for the new E"

Bringing the troops home should be the key and driving force to ignite and jump start the economy.  Following the money trail, caring for troops abroad costs taxpayers billions per month.   As they come home that cost is going to be reduced significantly.  As the troops return home they should be able to access some amazing benefits (hopeful there is good policy that cares for our wounded) to ignite the health care system as they start needing treatment and…


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Monitor Geo Activity on SUN and planet Earth!

Artis has created a great site that displays all the current activity on the SUN activities from Solar winds, flares, magnetic pluses directions, charts, graphs in one place!  This site can be used as an IMobile site of all geo satellite radar images of the SUN and planet Earth.  Awesome!




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Southern Cross goes from 10Gbps to 100Gbps!

A successful trial of 100 Gigabits per second prototype transmission equipment has just been completed on the Southern Cross twin cable network. This was demonstrated during extensive testing of the latest 40 Gbps equipment from a number of suppliers in readiness for the next Southern Cross capacity expansion targeted for 2012. Southern Cross currently uses 10 Gbps transmission equipment.“Southern Cross continues to invest and build ahead of demand, to support new innovation and broadband…


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Okay time to go home early... you will get more things done?


Just was reading about an article in Business Insider war room....  and according to a study by just working harder in short bursts of time you will get more things done!   When you are in that zone of focus this is where you try to work hard and deliberately.  These focus zones seems to coincide with food.   According to its chart there are peaks during lunch…


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Pushing up the bandwidth from 10g to 40g and 100g!

Sorry Hawaii is not in the bandwidth game.   But I would suggest that our State legislatures should start that initiatives to push this issue to the top!    All new development should also be considering the usage of Fiber Optics in all aspects of building, such as FTTP or FTTH.  

Today’s cable companies uses EPON (ethernet PON) as part of the DOCSIS provisioning specifications. DSL has its similar specification and bandwidth limitations.

However with optical networks  we will…


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Looming crisis in the visitor Industry? Political leaders are we doing something???

Reading some amazing survey last month and still not sure if Hawaii government or industry is doing anything to prevent a meltdown of our hotels and or visitor industry as a whole from tanking?

Check out this report and see for yourself of a coming crisis.

Emailed Jim if Hawaii is immune to this. He says no brand of hotel is going to be spared and…


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failures of hawaii's broadband new act 199

The failure of this broadband act

HB2698 Enacted as Act 199 (july 6, 2010)

Does not show anything about reducing the State cost of accessing higher speed networking.

Does not address this cost reduction and reduce duplication…


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