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failures of hawaii's broadband new act 199

The failure of this broadband act

HB2698 Enacted as Act 199 (july 6, 2010)

Does not show anything about reducing the State cost of accessing higher speed networking.

Does not address this cost reduction and reduce duplication of efforts ie: each department is access to the internet via DSL or Cable? In private enterprise when we build out own network our internet connections are free as it is shared via a single access point. When the state builds out their broadband infrastructure its access is then free to all departments thus, lowering cost and saving tax payers money.

Section 1, Do not have reference to the possible use of Fiber Optics as an alternative transport. Is the legislature planning to just to support a roll out of technology that may go obsolete? Copper wire or wireless is not the only

Does not promote free access to public and private employees especially contracted departments. All agencies connected to its own network should be free to all employees in the state

Does not support community initiatives or net neutrality.

Telework is a grand old concept of what we have been doing for over 10 years already with our cellphones and computers it was called mobile computing. Today we calling it smartphone. Smartphone is today’s version of Telework. If we to put teleworking to use it must be prove its practical features and value.

Finally, it Does not promote free or enhanced access to Libraries and Schools. Schools is our connection to Hawaii's youth and they will be empowered dramatically with faster Internet access. And the
state needs to promote and allow free access to the Internet because so
new services from all industries are relying on the public access to
services. And public libraries always serve the under served public. I call for an initiative to bring fiber optics to the Schools and Libraries now!


John Sydney Yamane

Ph: 808-651-7964

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