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Update: Unconferenz will be held on Saturday, Feb 26, 2011 at Windward Community College

It's good to see all of you joining the Unconferenz in TechHui. Though the Unconferenz 2011 is still a ways off (planned date in Feb 2011), it's never too late to start the dialog on session topics. Let me know what piques your interest and post it here. The tech is constantly changing which makes for an exciting 2011. Mahalo!

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I'd be happy to see if I can get some colleagues from ICS and LIS at UH Manoa to talk about Grad School. Would that be of interest to folks? We're always happy to get ideas from potential students as well as grads and possible employers of our students.


Worked well for me Burt...even added an idea for consideration.


Burt Lum said:

I set something up on Google Moderator at for people to submit and vote on ideas. Please let me know what you think.




Yo guys the 26 is a Friday. Look at an iCal or 2011.
No, no it's not.  Today (tuesday) is the 8th, that makes this Saturday the 12th.  12+14 = 26th ;)

Kimo Sutton said:
Yo guys the 26 is a Friday. Look at an iCal or 2011.

The Unconferenz 2011 is less than a week away. Any more ideas for sessions? Please add them to the ideas already getting voted on at Google Moderator: 


We've got an interested list already. We only have 15 time slots so we will have to pick the 15 most popular topics.

How about recycling and reuse ? or even making the event a donation opportunity as well ? (we are out of parts)



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