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Not sure if you saw this :

But the state is considering legislation (SB2822) to implement a fee based e-waste recycling program mandating to include all electronic items over 4 ounces. As writrten, it is not directed to reuse products, but to recycle - reduce them to raw materials.


Ironically, we at Hawaiian Hope ( are running out of parts because people are scrapping them and not donating them for reuse. (As part of our standard operating procedures, we do full drive wipes on every hard drive we get.)


We need parts to finish computers so we can help people. To date we have given away over 900 free computers to other non profits and low income families. We currently have about 400 computers in stock, but are at a dead stop. The problem is, so many people are concerned about security that they pull out the hard drives. So really what we have is about 380 large paperweights and door stops.


We need computer hard drives ! 20 Gig or larger, Ideally 40 gig or larger. (SATA or IDE). If you are feeling especially generous, but don't have any on hand, there are a number of ads on craigslist and eBay to sell them cheap and even in bulk. But even at $10 each, 380 of them gets expensive for us real quick. Over a year ago, one of our donors purchased 100 hard drives for us in bulk.  It was wonderful, but they only lasted 1 month.


Here are some examples of what we are looking for :


This year alone we estimate that we will need close to 1,000 hard drives total.


Also, we are looking for all types of other computer parts as well, especially RAM, flat panel monitors, keyboards and mice. NO printers, scanners or fax machines though... sorry, we don't have room.


Help us expose more people to technology and ultimately help them stimulate their own private economy with more knowledge of computers and potentially better jobs.



More information on all of our projects can be found on our website at :


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