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Aloha TechHuians. As part of our initiative to grow the TechHui community, we are announcing what is, to our knowledge, the world's first meta-contest. This is a contest to come up with a clever contest :-) The winner of the meta-contest will have their choice of two months of free top level sponsorship (see the Sponsors area to the right) on the TechHui site, a $998 value, or the new 16GB iPod nano.
The Rules 1) You must be a member of TechHui. 2) The contest you propose must relate to science or technology. 3) Employees and contractors of TechHui's sponsors are not eligible. 4) The contest cannot be oriented toward promotion of a company, product or service. 5) The contest must only be open to members of TechHui. 6) Submissions must be made as responses to this blog post received on or before February 1st, 2010 (midnight HST is the cutoff) Any other form of submission will not be accepted. Entries will be judged by a panel of five judges put together by the TechHui team. The criteria with be creativity and expected efficacy in increasing membership. TechHui reserves the right to exclude entries, at its discretion, for any reason, including the expected cost and complexity of the entry's implementation.

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Comment by Russell Castagnaro on February 4, 2010 at 3:44pm
FYI - Regarding Camping permits....

We are in final testing with the Dept. of Land and Natural Resources for online camping reservations for state campsites. We have spoken with Honolulu, Bog Isle and Kauai County about leveraging the system too, so I think that within a year, you'll be able to reserve a campsite online on most islands!


Beta testers contact me...
Comment by Kimo Sutton on January 26, 2010 at 4:55pm
A contest to cost out the footprint of energy used to do all the importing, exporting, and delivery of goods.
While you may see water in a bottle its foot print comes from the source and transportation to the delivery point of sale. If for instance if it travels over 2,500 miles from California is that an ounce or quart of diesel to get it here. If it is then recycled to China for a distance of 4,000 miles will it use another oz.? The carbon foot print could be standardized to show the real adjusted cost in energy and carbon. We also could see what that same cost in is in paper, cardboard, tires, and other goods. Then put that up next to any locally produced products. What future cost for energy as a real and measurable number. Each unit of energy could be examined as more expensive versus more economical in real terms . BTUs are a good choice for energy units then it can be used for kilo watts on up. If we had more complex information available not from each industry but from a contest with explanation we would have quite a lot of information to use.
Comment by Derek on January 20, 2010 at 4:21am
Given our current state/local government woes, I propose a contest to develop a mobile application that increases/improves interaction between residents and any given state/local government agency. Feel free see my 12/28/09 blog entry on Gov. 2.0. I believe that placing access to government at peoplesʻ fingertips is a way of empowering our community.

A variety of applications could be made as a result of this particular competition. Illegal garbage dumping is becoming a bigger problem throughout Oʻahu. With Bill 78 making its way through the Honolulu City Council, it will be interesting to see how well it actually works should it be passed. But a mobile app for example, could be designed in such a way to help with the implementation of Bill 78. More specifically, residents could take photos of illegal garbage dumping sites (or even illegal garbage dumping offenders in the act) using their cell phone and the mobile application, and then sending it to the City. If designed the right way, the message/image sent to the government agency/department would include the GPS coordinates of the site violations.

Other potential applications could make it easier for people to request camping/park use permits rather than having to go to a satellite city hall.

How about paying for your vehicle registration from your cell phone?

The state is struggling to figure out how weʻre going to deal with the special election needs for our Congressional seat that will become vacant on 2/28/10. How do we handle voting now?

Our state and local government needs a huge upgrade and this type of contest is a great way to start it.
Comment by Curtis J. Kropar on January 8, 2010 at 1:20am
Hi Gang !

Sorry.. been way busy recently and have not had time to even read over the comments till now.

A few things that caught my attention,
1) I really like the mentorship idea. that after all is what we (Hawaiian hope) are all about.. Getting the people, especially kids exposed to technology that typically would not be able to access it. And thanks also for plugging our org several times guys !!!

2) the garbage problem. Creating a more high tech way to deal with the trash I think is a moral imperative. Also, considering how much of the trash is e-waste.... its even more of an issue. Although I have never used second life, I think using it to build out possible working models might prove to be very useful. All of the R& D can be implemented and tried, and if something does not work, we know it faster. ( I think )

Katharine, Since you seem to have a passion for getting the kids educated, regardless of the outcome of the contest, I would love to talk with you more about your interest. We are weeks away from opening our internet cafe here in town. And your comment is more than dead accurate. I know teens and young adults that have yet never touched a computer.... or never touched one before we got them in front of one.

The thing I like about the mentorship idea is that the kids can sign up for tech hui accounts. We can then possibly assign out or offer mentorships directly with other tech hui members that would be interested. Find out a kids interests, (art, graphics, programming, animation, music, web design, hardware, networking, etc) and match them up directly with someone that is a pro in their field. Possibly even set up job shadowing where they can go to work a few days a month with their mentor. The kids can use the tech hui site to blog their progress, what they are learning, ask questions, post their observations, etc. This could also be worked with the media (advertiser, bulletin, etc) to make daily comments and links to the site. Parents of the kids, and all interested would be directed to the tech hui site to read up on all of the progress from the kids and what they have to say. Possibly even setting up a new section just for this "kidTech" or "TechHuiKids" or something (TechHui - Geek in training)

This of course can then be part of the contest, to get as many kids as possible signed up for the tech hui site,

Or even expanding it out...
Create a contest to :
1) Get as many kids as possible signed up for tech hui accounts
2) create educational tech training for the kids to pursue (based on Katherine's "course curriculum" idea)
3) create direct mentorships with the kids to tech hui professionals.
4) get the kids to do presentations featuring their work or new skills
5) offer some type of scholarships for the kids or incentives (like cheap laptop computers ?)

I love it....

but the garbage thing is probably easier to implement.
Comment by Rik Jadrnicek on January 2, 2010 at 8:58pm
"Why is it so hard to understand that a simple solution may be the most effective one?"
Katherine: Interesting ... but less challenging ...
Comment by Leighton K. Chong on January 2, 2010 at 2:58pm

1. The Contest starts by inviting TechHui members to play Social Tag. Each TechHui Member A who wants to play invites another TechHui Member B to play Social Tag by opening their Friends lists on TechHui to find a set of Friends AB(i) in common.
2. Member B then sends invitations to the set of Friends AB(i) to play Social Tag and selects the Player C who is first to accept. Member B and Player C play by opening their Friends lists on any social network other than TechHui that they subscribe to in common to find a set of Friends BC(i) that they have in common. All persons in the set of Friends AB(i) are invited to join TechHui.
3. Player C invites Friends BC(i) to play Social Tag and selects the Player D who is first to accept. Player C and Player D play by opening their Friends lists on any social network other than TechHui that they subscribe to in common to find a set of Friends CD(i) that they have in common. If Player D is a TechHui member, the game ends. All persons in the set of Friends BC(i) are invited to join TechHui.
4. Each Social Tag thread continues until a Player X responding to the invitation to play Social Tag is found who is already a TechHui member.
5. The winner of the contest is the Thread of Members and Players that has the longest string of tagged players that ends with the finding of a Friend in common on a social network other than TechHui who is already a TechHui member.
6. The Grand Prize for the winner Thread are all-expenses-paid trips to attend the SocialMedia WorldForum in London, March 15-16, 2010.
7. A Special Technical Prize of being sponsored as a featured application on Google Earth will be awarded to the Thread whose tagged players have listed residence locations that form a string around the Earth.
Comment by Daniel Leuck on January 2, 2010 at 2:46am
GB - re: Best hi-tech body modification

Just so the judges are clear - Are you proposing the contestants actually have the body modifications, or just propose them?
Comment by Rik Jadrnicek on January 1, 2010 at 9:01pm
"Best Machinima PreProPost FX production"
Ok, I'll shut up now ...
Comment by Rik Jadrnicek on January 1, 2010 at 8:57pm
Yea Hajim ...
You could use avatars to model the creations...
By-the-way-all ... maybe "Blue Mars", a Hawaiian based 3D world venture might sponsor a contest ...
Comment by GB Hajim on January 1, 2010 at 8:48pm
Best Hitech body modification!

Fingernail flash drive? Blue tooth ear piercing? Microphone tongue piercing? Arm tattoo keypad? Eyebrow ring camera? or....?

That might get some international press.


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