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Are internships key for all students?

I've recently set myself on a mission to find company internships for as many of my HPU students as I possibly can.  While wrestling over what to put in courses of mobile, games, software engineering etc. I've come to the conclusion that students need internships the most out of anything we can offer.  Particularly in software engineering having students work on an internship and cross-over their intern work with class projects is a win-win-win :-)


Naturally TechHui is a…


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HPU captures first place in the Hawaii site of ACM Programming contest, for the second year in a row!

HPU captured first place in the Hawaii site of this year's ACM International Programming contest, for the second year in a row. HPU's winning team placed 19th out of 111 teams in the Pacific Northwest Region, an impressive feat.

Winning team: Kevin Goo, Kenneth Chai, Kwok Cheung (four problems solved)

2nd place team: Jarred Jobe, Melvin Tomas, Jessia Soriano (three problems solved)

4th place team: Precious Binas, Abe Pineda, Nathaniel Befus (three problems solved)…


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HPU Wins Hawaii Site of ACM International Programming Contest

Congratulations to the HPU students who placed 1st, 3rd (tie), and 5th in the Hawaii site of the ACM international computer programming contest on Saturday, November 5th:
Team 00FF00: Matt Fry, Dongie Agnir, Kevin Goo   (first place)
Team 0000FF: Precious Binas, Abe Pineda, Nathaniel Befus  (tie for third)

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Are Shared Skype Chats the new IRC?

I think almost everyone has heard of Skype for audio and video calls.  What some people are less aware of is that the text chat functionality can be used for persistent chatrooms like those available through IRC and other chat protocols.  Whether you've heard of IRC or not, you've surely heard of IM.  IRC is a text based protocol that supports very large chatrooms.  Anyone with a server can host multiple rooms and there are many highly active IRC servers still around.  There is huge traffic…


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Help HPU Students learn "Real World" Spreadsheet and Database skills

I'm teaching a database/spreadsheet course at HPU this fall

to accounting/management grad students as well as the odd computer

scientist, and I have all this boring sample data from the textbook

regarding fictional ice-cream companies. Pretty tedious stuff. I had

this idea to re-create the data based on the "The Office" so all the

accounts/salespeople names would be taken from the show.

What I'd also really love to do is get some actual XL/access data… Continue

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Honolulu Coders meeting - Kevin Hughes on Sprout - Wed 6pm

Sprout CTO Kevin Hughes shares the lessons his team has learned in building a Flex-based, Powerpoint-type application. He'll discuss software architecture decisions, what makes a superior Flex developer, and notes on working with combinations of Flash, Java, Ruby, and PHP in a startup environment.

Kevin Hughes is an internationally-recognized pioneer in Web design and software, having made imagemap, which allowed Web images to be interactive, and contributions to the Cascading Style… Continue

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Rich GUI tools: RIA with Flex & Silverlight, Jan 30th(Wed) talk by Dan Leuck of

This month's Honolulu Coders meeting will take place on Wednesday 30th

January from 6pm to 8pm.

Dan Leuck of will talk about Flex and Silverlight, exciting rich client technologies that facilitate the creation of, as Romain Guy would say, filthy rich UIs.

During this presentation Dan will create a simple photo management

application using both technologies, and discuss the pros and cons of

each platform.

Honolulu-coders mailing… Continue

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Collective Intelligence and iPhone LinkLens

Join us at Honolulu coders Wednesday night this week in POST 302 at UH Manoa:

I'll be talking about the new O'Reilly book "Collective Intelligence" by Toby Segaran, as well as showing off my new iPhone LinkLens application.

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