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Are internships key for all students?

I've recently set myself on a mission to find company internships for as many of my HPU students as I possibly can.  While wrestling over what to put in courses of mobile, games, software engineering etc. I've come to the conclusion that students need internships the most out of anything we can offer.  Particularly in software engineering having students work on an internship and cross-over their intern work with class projects is a win-win-win :-)


Naturally TechHui is a fantastic resource for possible internships for students, but getting students to search TechHui can sometimes be hard :-) Just to explore all avenues I've created a LinkedIn group for the CS Department at HPU:

To go along with the existing facebook page:

I've been pushing out recent intern opportunities from Hyperspective and MentalPez there, and am going to try to keep the momentum up there, although I'm slightly handicapped since I teach online from London UK, and so can't network in Hawaii in person to find internship opportunities for HPU CS students.  Hence this post.  There's a lot more to be said - hopefully I can make time to say it :-)


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