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WCF - Week 2

Last week we made the basic WCF service, based on the template from VS2010.  A set of defaults that can be built on.  To make your own service, the assumption would be to make another interface, implement it, and then copy the app.config.  For the most part, that is correct.  What is less obvious is where those values come from, and what do they mean.  This week we will create our own service, and modify the app.config to expose it.  Everything we will do this week builds on the project from…


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Copyrights: What Creators & Users Need to Know, Oct 4, 6-8 pm, KCC

The Oct 4 seminar is on Copyrights and presented by J. Stephen Street, Business Litigation and Intellectual Property Attorney, covering what can be protected by copyright, recommended practices for copyright clearance, title, registration, and notice, fair use, rights of independent contractors and work-for-hire agreements. 

The 2012 Intellectual Property Management course is offered by KCC Continuing Ed & IPTL Section of HSBA in a series…


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Windows Communication Foundation

Windows Communication Foundation is a framework for building service-oriented applications.  Over the next several weeks, I intend to write about WCF and share some of my experience working with it.  This specific post covers a very simple getting started scenario.  It does not assume you know anything about WCF, or have ever seen it before.  It is a step-by-step guide to creating a service and a test case for it.  I do assume that you have a version of VS2010 that includes the test…


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Playing With Honolulu Data

Over the past year, the City and County of Honolulu and Code for America pushed to make the city's data open to the public. The city has a tight budget and can only dedicate a small amount of resources to the creation of applications using this data, so opening it up allows people in the community to work with this data. Recently, they published a list of their available datasets …


Added by George Lee on September 23, 2012 at 4:29pm — 9 Comments

Trademarking Product Designators & Consumer Brands

The KCC/IPTL course session on Thurs 9/27 will be presented by Seth Reiss, Intellectual Property & Patent Attorney, covering how to select, clear, and put a distinctive trademark into use, registration, how to build trademark strength and value, enforcement of rights, and recommended practices for trademark asset management.  The fee for each session is $35.00.  For registration, please call KCC Continuing Ed Dept.

The 2012 Series on Intellectual Property Management offered…


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Intellectual Property Management Course

The 2012 Series on Intellectual Property Management offered jointly by Kapiolani Community College, Continuing Education, and the IPTL Section of HSBA is designed for innovation companies and entrepreneurs to gain practical and in-depth knowledge on protecting intellectual property (IP) assets, best practices to manage their IP and optimizing IP strategies in the U.S. and globally. The 9/20 session is on Patenting Technology & Innovative Products by Leighton Chong,…


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Building a Tech Company in Hawaii

When Mika and I started Ikayzo seven years ago I got everything wrong. Because I enjoyed a good relationship with my previous two employers I was confident they would become my first customers. Surely I could easily sell to local companies as well. Although we were a new company, I had a solid software development resume and some experience with business development. I thought recruiting would be easy because we could offer the ability to do interesting work in paradise. I…


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MVC, MVP, and MVVM are some of the common patterns to guide programmers toward creating decoupled solutions.  Learning about these is not a trivial task, picking the one that is best for a specific problem is a challenge, and implementing it correctly based on the descriptions I found on the internet would be even more challenging.  I have gone back and pulled out the earliest references I could find to these patterns for the definitions and explanations, but then put them in a modern…


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Social Media Classes-For ALL skill levels!

Hawaii Social Media Training Institute is the Leading Education & Training program of New Media Networking and Marketing.

Our Institute offers specialized training, in partnership with PCATT at the Honolulu Community College, that focuses on the application of new media and advance marketing skills for businesses. These classes include techniques to educate students in online marketing, advertising and networking to establish a brand's reputation using, effective, low-cost methods…


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Application Configuration Files

This post will touch on several topics about app.config files.  The primary point of the posting is to provide sample code for a winforms application that will run in multiple environments.  In the case of this example: dev, test, uat, and production.  The code provided has been useful for a specific class of problems however there is a very great amount of capability in the configuration system and it is important to at least be aware of it.  In the quest to do things right, knowing…


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Hating on JS

Okay, so actually I'm very impressed with what enterprising coders have been able to do with fantastic libraries like NodeJS, PhantomJS, JQuery, mootools, etc.  They've take away a lot of the pain and to them I'm very grateful.  Making javascript work more in the fashion of other ECMA standard…


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Strange Frame wins big in Atlanta!

This year Dragon*Con attracted over 55,000 fans. It is and continues to be the largest fan run genre festival in the world! We screened Strange Frame in front of over 300 people during the festival. One of the stars of the movie, Tara Strong ( ) was on hand to help with autographs after the crowd erupted in applause at the end of the film. 



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Ruby & Other Jewels @AlohaRubyConf

About a year ago, inspired by the legendary Aloha on Rails, a Ruby on Rails conference organized by Seth Ladd in 2009, a bunch of regulars at a local Honolulu Ruby user group aloha.rb ( decided to organize another Hawaii Ruby conference in 2012. After a lot of hard work, Aloha Ruby Conf ( is…


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What if I told you that top professors from top universities are teaching classes online for free?  For me, who is still paying off a portion of student loans, the answer is another question, “Why didn’t we have this sooner?”

Within the last couple years, there has been a sudden acceleration in the free online learning movement.  For many years, MIT has open-sourced…


Added by Daniel Nishimura on September 3, 2012 at 11:34am — 1 Comment

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