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About a year ago, inspired by the legendary Aloha on Rails, a Ruby on Rails conference organized by Seth Ladd in 2009, a bunch of regulars at a local Honolulu Ruby user group aloha.rb ( decided to organize another Hawaii Ruby conference in 2012. After a lot of hard work, Aloha Ruby Conf ( is happening really soon, October 8-9 at Sheraton Waikiki Beach Hotel. The speaker line-up ( is top-notch and if you’re a software developer in Hawaii, you should not miss this one. Whether you develop in Ruby or not, there are sessions for both getting to know both Ruby and Rails and a whole lot of sessions applicable to really any type of software development. What can you get out of Aloha Ruby Conf if you're not a Ruby developer? Well, in addition to highly educational Ruby and Rails talks (see the session schedule at, the conference has several awesome talks of general interest to all software developers:

  • UI Design: "The Designers are Coming!" by Glenn Gillen, "Designing and Building GitHub's Front End" by Ben Bleikamp
  • Testing: "Yay! Mocks!" by Corey Haines
  • Scalability: "My Server for Aiur: How Starcraft Taught Me To Scale" by Richard Schneeman
  • Communication & Teamwork: "How to Crush your Conference Talk" by Ben Orenstein, "Maintain Less, Mentor More: Community Building Techniques from Open Source" by Wesley Beary, "Consultants & Rockstars, Who needs 'em?" by Lori Olson
  • (No SQL) Persistence: "Git: The NoSQL Database" by Brandon Keepers
  • and finally, a Head-Scratcher: "Running Heroku on Heroku" by Noah Zoschke


If you can make it, come check it out – Kama’aina registration for $149 at

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Comment by Jussi Sipola on September 5, 2012 at 7:01am

Anze, there was some kind of error with the registration page - the Kama'aina price should be correct now.

Comment by Scott Murphy on September 5, 2012 at 2:26am

Yeah congrats to everyone making this happen.  We need more events like these in Hawaii!

Comment by Anže Žnidaršič on September 4, 2012 at 11:16pm

I can just say to all organizers and sponsors: you guys are awesome!

And to get to event like this for $ 149 is amazing. I've (co-)organized PHP conference in Slovenia and I couldn't pull this off.

Got my ticket, see ya there :)

Hm.. I've just seen price of $ 103 for locals. An error?

Comment by Daniel Leuck on September 4, 2012 at 11:50am

That sounds great! In addition to being a sponsor we are sending five of our team members. 


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