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Although maybe you already heard about it, this one looks very interesting.

Google App Inventor

I cannot wait to play with it... 

So what do you think...more interesting/useful apps, or more junk apps on the android market?  We will see.:-)

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They've had it up for universities for quite a while. Glad they finally gave it some big PR. Haven't yet figured out how it will change business plans.
Hi Les,
Ohh, I just got to know about it today and was kind of suprised that Google was creating it so silently... Thank you for the info.
Regarding the impact to the entire android market, I guess it will not be so significant for some time until it gets popularity. But I think it is worth take a close look and see what can be done with this tool.
By the way, it looks great for education purpose, doesn't it?
Yes - they've been using it to teach lots of things. If you look at you can see some of the historical stuff, there's also a site on that's got lots of examples. (sorry can't find the link).
Thank you for the link, Les!
I will take a look and try creating some apps when I get access to the App Inventor. (Registered already but still waiting for an email from Google...)

Meanwhile, I found this Sharon Machlis's article on ComputerWorld interesting.

Google's App Inventor for Android is a game-changer:

No doubt App Inventor will spawn a lot of "silly," less-than-useful apps as well as some with broader value. But you know what? Giving people the power to create their own silly apps is another major step in cementing both the usefulness of a smartphone in general and platform loyalty in particular. App Inventor for Android is one of the smartest things Google could have done in its battle with Apple for the hearts and minds of smartphone power users.



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