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I'm stumped and I'd like some advice.

A programmer at my company just got promoted. I'd like to get him a card to thank him for his tireless work and to congratulate him on his promotion. I figured TechHui would be the best place to ask this question:

Which local store stocks thank you cards that would appeal to computer programmers?


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I've seen some pretty cool cards at Toys and Joys, if not just go to your local comic book store and grab him a comic =)
Awesome! Toys and Joys is perfect. Thanks Gus.
I got a terrific homemade card once. It was in the style of a "man page", i.e

NEELY(1) BSD General Commands Manual NEELY(1)

David Neely

All-round awesome dude [--hacker-extraordinaire ...]


Ning will eat the formatting, but you get the idea. It was cute, and clearly took some thought and effort. I've still got it.

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