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As a demo of GWTCanvas, I created a simple application that allows some truss calculations.  It is located at

When I developed this application, I was using Firefox (on a Linux machine).  I also tested it with Safari.  After putting the application online, I tried viewing it with Internet Explorer (IE).  IE seems to use larger fonts and this made the appearance somewhat unsatisfactory.  Can anyone tell me what I should look at to get a more uniform appearance in the different browsers?  Would using UIBinder have helped out, or should I have done more with my CSS file?  I tend not to use Windows, so I definitely had a blind spot with respect to how my app would appear in IE.

Unrelated to this issue.  In case it might be of any use to someone, I attached a PDF file that shows one way to create an external JAR for use in a GWT application.  Being a novice with respect to GWT, I had difficulty with this procedure so I decided to document it (at least so I won't forget how I did it :))

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Haven't used UIBinder, so I can't comment there. Typically, you need separate CSS for IE. It can be done in the same file, but I like to server a separate IE CSS file.



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