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I was just on the HireNet Hawaii website ( and searching for computer related job postings.  After searching their site for computer and mathematics jobs, the first posting listed is from a company called PRTech which is some how connected with PacRim Marketing Group.  Here is the job description:


Involved in the programming aspects of web-based projects in the areas of ecommerce, online registration, e-mailing, survey systems, online reporting and analysis tools and development of other proprietary web based applications for Asian end-users -- Japanese, Korean, or Chinese. Write programs and database integration for web applications, online forms, directories, online reports and other store and retrieve applications using ASP, ASP.NET and SQL database. Development and technical integration of web based programming elements with XHTML design elements, XHTML design templates, formatting, layout and configuration, and troubleshoot reported problems and bugs in web-based applications, identify problem source, debug an directly resolve the issue or coordinate with other programmers


Experience with ASP, ASP.Net, Java Script, XHTML, CSS Stylesheets, SQL Server 2000/2005, ADOBE Dreamweaver, Visual Studio 2005, Database Experience Required.


Their site says they want someone with a BS. in CIS or CS with 2+ years experience.  Now for the pay they are offering ... drum roll please... bpbpbpbpbpbpbpbpbpbp....... $7.75 and it seems per hour...


Am I living in the wrong place?  Things like this make me ashamed to say I live in Hawaii.  I mean come on now even a bagger at Safeway makes more than $7.75/hr.  That is just ridiculous, shameful, and down right appalling.

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More in line with what I'd expect. Sad. That's what keeps IT from happening here.

Nate Sanders said:
Ahh, notice that's score, not rank.
UH's rank in that list is #137.
hear hear --- I worked for the NBC Olympics in 2000 - in the middle of the dot-com era in San Francisco -- 3 weeks of web development for $11,000 for a twenty-five-year-old was pure ludicrousness. People would park the BMW's illegally and say the parking tickets were just the price of having fun at the club.

That said, if it is to be, it is up to us.

Part of all of us being gifted with good, usable brains is for us to rub our hands together and start thinking of thousands of ways to bring value to our community.

What does a profitable, growing Hawaii company look like? is it in the tech sector? What is our value-added? What is our unique selling proposition? What does the Pacific Rim want? What can Hawaii deliver?

I think we all benefit from more entrepreneur training, idea generation, and cross-fertilization like within this group. The solutions and the right people and the financing are available but the idea --- oh, yes, getting an idea is the most challenging issue, isn't it?

Who has the next big idea ??

Or, better yet, who has a pretty good idea that, if envisioned and built correctly, will grow big?

Do we set up a TechHui think tank?

Brian said:
I don't think comparing era salaries to current ones makes much sense. There were all sorts of ridiculous jobs going around then, people getting BMWs and apartments, etc as long as they had the right buzzwords on their resume.
yeah.. that is very very low....
maybe it was a typo?
Digital Island was a huge success. Ended up having to relocate to SF to maintain viability though and was eventually bought out by Cable & Wireless, then Savvis Communications when C&W auctioned off all of their assets in the US.

Jared Cheung said:
Jake G. and John, I think you guys have hit my point right on the nose. Companies in Hawaii do know take advantage of their employees and use the excuse of this is Hawaii and thus salaries here are just lower than the mainland. Yes, it is the NON-tech companies that are doing that. I have noticed the tech companies here are trying to solidify the standards but there aren't enough of them and none of them are successful enough to be very well known except within the tech community.

What Hawaii needs is a tech company to explode with success like a Google, eBay, Amazon, and a few smaller successful companies like Zappos. With successful and well known tech companies in Hawaii, it will force all companies to almost match the salaries and treatment of their tech employees for fear they will just leave and go work for one of those successful tech companies.

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