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Just read a fatasic artile about flash & the iPhone over on inside RIA

if you interested in this new feature coming to Flash CS 5, how could you not be, then it is a good read!

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Great article, this is what I was looking for, Iphone touchscreen events

# when the user touches the device. Unlike the click of a mouse, up to five touchEvents can be detected simultaneously. For that reason, each touch is assigned a touchPointID along with its x and y coordinates. The amount of pressure applied can also be measured.

# captures familiar gestures on the device such as pinching, zooming in and out.

# displays updates from the device accelerometer sensor. It works with x, y and z axis to detect movement in space.

# displays updates directly from the device location sensor. It contains latitude, longitude but also altitude, speed and heading (compass movement).

# displays orientation updates including right, left and upside down. Your application can be initialized as a specific orientation (landscape or portrait) then ignore orientation change.
Hi Gus,
yeah I thought that it was a great article and wanted to share. I did some basic stuff in flash lite, but I am real excited about this! make me want to get an iPhone now`-`
Excellent! Thanks for sharing!
You are very welcome`-`

Sheila Bernardo said:
Excellent! Thanks for sharing!
Very interesting article.

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