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Being a font geek and a developer I'm always on the lookout for the best programming font. This survey provides an excellent reference.

I still haven't found a programming font that looks nice, has good legibility and is monospaced for Japanese characters :-(

Stuart - Thank you for the link!

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BPMono rules! This is a good review of programming fonts.
I've been pretty happy with the fonts and button generator at It's handy for web apps.
Since Google came out with the droid font I love it ... I use it in TextMate with great success but not sure about its use with japanese characters.
I think Anonymous is hands down the easiest to read.
I didn't know about Droid. It also looks nice.
Nice link, I esp. like the way his examples highlight the 0 vs O. For me, lack of slashed (or dotted) zero is a deal breaker. Not just for coding but also console windows as well.
Right now, I am enjoying Panic Sans installed by default in

Here's what some Japanese looks like in this font:

I wasn't aware of Panic Sans. It looks like a nice programming font. I think the Japanese characters may be the result of dynamic font swapping. Some systems, such as Vista and certain apps, will transparently switch to a Japanese font if the current font doesn't have the necessary characters.

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