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Following Michal Anne Rogondino impressive presentation on GUI at the Unconferenz, there was a lively discussion. Anyone interested to meet up to continue the talk? I'm interested to perhaps share each other's GUI designs and provide feedback to one another. I think that would be really helpful to me.

p.s. Michal Anne, what presentation software do you use? Didn't look like your typical powerpoint!

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Hi Guys,

Sorry for my tardy response... I'm in SF for work and have been heads down all week. I will of course attend a monthly GUI discussion! I do need to add the note that I travel a LOT and may miss some of the meetings. I will let you know very soon if I'm available to present on the 13th. My schedule for Feb should be solidified in the next day or two.

As for format, I like the idea of a handful of people speaking for a brief presentation and then an open forum. Posting links to sites to preview is also good, so everyone has a chance to discuss something in common. We can get more complex as we progress, but let's start off simple... we'll get more participation this way.

Oh...and I used Keynote for my presentation. I like it MUCH better than Powerpoint. Although, the new Office Suite may be cool. I haven't played with it yet. I'm not so biased that I can't use an MS tool if it's good... they are just tools!
I really like the new Google Present tool. It lets me publish presentations as widgets I can place on my site, Facebook, etc.
Nice article. I like the points that your client doesn't know what its users will like and neither do you.

Can this meet up start at 18:30 or later? I have a class until 18:00 (User Interfaces and Hypermedia).
I'm OK with moving it back 30 minutes. It may be hard for others to meet much later. Unless anyone complains, lets start at 6:30.
Hey Truman,

Just wanted to let you know that you chose a really good article to share. I think he does an excellent job of expressing some of the absolute key elements in GUI (and WUI) design! Reading the replies, I have to agree with most of the responses that "if only our clients could get 'it' too!" But, we're making strides there... we're making strides...
Hi everyone, I'm looking forward to our first GUI Meetup on Wed, Feb 13th at 6:30pm at the Manoa Innovation Center.
Dan, can you tell us what room number the conference room is in?

Wanted to pass along an article shared with me by John Honovich:
It's a usability review of a web app. Quite thorough.
Yep - It will be the conference room on the second floor close to the front of the building.

The address is 2800 Woodlawn Drive. Its across the stream from the Manoa Marketplace. If anyone has trouble finding it, feel free to call me +1 (808) 393-9119.
I'll be there for the first GUI Meetup.

I also posted the meeting on UXnet:

I'm happy to do a short presentation. Anyone have any area of interest they'd like me to discuss?
That would be great. I like Truman's idea of eveyone presenting their UIs for discussion and Gabe's suggestion of everyone posting UIs they like and dislike before the event, but a short structured talk at the beginning would be good to kick things off.

I'd be interested in hearing about your work on desktop OS UIs and desktop applicaiton UIs.
Michal -

I'd also be interested to hear about your experience using different design processes-

do you take an idea straight to a designer?
or do you start with wireframes from a UX/UI professional and then to a designer?

if you have used both processes, can you compare the two experiences?

if you give a defined wireframe to a designer, do they complain about feeling hemmed in creatively? or do they appreciate getting a clearer idea of what's expected?
Hi Gabe,

What you've asked is something that we are asked quite often and it reveals a common misunderstanding of the "GUI design" process. Our team is comprised of multi-disciplines, including UX/UI designers and visual designers. Together with our clients they work as a team to create the GUI design. The standard hand-off to visual design from the UX/UI designers are wireframes of the product user interface. But, the visual design team enhances the wireframes with a 'Visual Language', so they are creatively "continuing" the GUI designs.

Your question has me re-considering what to present for our first meeting. I see that Daniel is interested in various types of product and platform designs, but it may make the most sense to start with a more detailed overview of our GUI design process. To hit two birds with one stone, I'll present a GUI design case-study from a desktop application.
If I recall from Unconferenz correctly, some of the big -- that's polite for "heated" or religious :-) discussion engendered by Michal's presentation had to do with the flow of the design process, and, for instance, how the Agile software development paradigm might effect the entirety of the systems design process, especially in moving away from the "waterfall" model. This is a subject near and dear to me now, and may be a subject for discussion.

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