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On July 7th, NBC is changing the name of the SciFi channel to SyFy. It sounds a lot like syphilis. I think the name looks dumb.

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I was thinking the same thing! What were the NBC marketing guys thinking?
Yeah, I didn't get the name change either. Seems odd because they just got done with the successful BSG and were gaining recognition under the name SciFi.

Is Sy Fy even short for anything? Maybe they lost some legal battle with the Science Financial folks. Like the World Wrestling Federation lost the legal battle with the World Wildlife Foundation.
I heard they changed it cause they felt SciFi was too Geeky and make centric and they wanted to expand their brand to appeal to a wider audience. Lame.
Isn't SciFi, the genre not the channel, supposed to appeal to the Geeky to begin with? And besides, I find it funny that that channel is worried about their image when they turn out classics like: Mansquito?
LOL @ mansquito. When I hear the phrase "A Sci Fi Original" it's like a cue to change the channel

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