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A Visionary Sustainable ''Resource Based Economy''

This is an excerpt from the movie "Zeitgeist: The Addendum" by today's Renaissance Man, Jacque Fresco: Industrial Designer, Social Engineer, Social Planner, Environmental Activist, Futurist and self taught Scientist, Architect & Inventor -- the modern Leonardo DaVinci! A Visionary Sustainable "Resource Based Economy" (RBE) within a new unified symbiotic world, where Future Human Society lives in harmony with an elevated consciousness & consideration for all fellow humans and all living things on planet Earth that sustains all of us via the obsolescence of money, including advanced technologies such as Geothermal Energy Optimization, Advanced Battery Technology, super fast Vacuum-Maglev Intercontinental Travel, Green Construction & other technologies allowing absolutely zero environmental impact on the planet -- a completely new Paradign shift for living in a Future Earth Society.

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