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At 11:07am on November 6, 2009, Andrei Sherstyuk said…
Эля, привет, как дела? Что-то давно ничего не происходит социального на ТекHui... не пора ли подумать о новом "Meet-and-Greet" event?

А может, твоя компания спонсирует празднование 7 ноября? В Gordon Birsch, например? По-моему, прекрасная идея! :-)
Я тебе должен дринк, как мне помнится.

At 3:50pm on August 4, 2009, Gus Higuera said…
Hi Elya,

Just dropping by to say hello. I noticed your company had an opening position for a web developer. I sent you guys my resumé but I also posted it here in the forum if you want to take a look.

If the position is still open I would love to talk to your HR department. Thanks for your time.

At 1:07am on July 30, 2009, Curtis J. Kropar said…
Hey hey !
Thanks for the comments.

Yes, i run Hawaiian Hope, and yes, we need volunteers. I am trying to get our latest project off the ground (an internet cafe) and we have run into 6 months of delays and such. ARGH ! Regarding volunteers, any type are appreciated. Tech types or not are ok. I have a few volunteers that don't know anything about computers, but they like to clean. A lot of the items we get in as donations have been sitting in peoples garages for months and covered with dirt... so it (cleaners) still helps us.

As far as the walk... i am trying to get details and updates for this year. I have asked this years chair of the event 4 times already for an update and she has not told me anything yet. Once i get an update i can spread the word. If you go to the website you can review last years information. You should consider doing a few days. Its REALLY invigorating. This will make my 4th year doing all 10 days, 130 miles.
At 4:32pm on July 27, 2009, Andrei Sherstyuk said…
Конечно, давай сходим на ланч. Счастливо съездить! Когда вернешся, пиши!
At 4:06pm on July 27, 2009, Andrei Sherstyuk said…
Привет, Эля! Не успел тебя застать после конференции, а жаль. Да ничего особо нового нет: работа, ремонт в доме, скоро начинается учебный год в школе, придется вставать ненормально рано. (А хорошо, однако, что не все умеют читать по-русски, можно не особп напрягаться с конфиденциальностью!) А у тебя как дела?
At 8:09am on April 3, 2009, Andrei Sherstyuk said…
Договорились! Например, сегодня вечером. Please stay away form Diet Coke... save room for beer. (-: Всего хорошего,
At 9:13am on March 29, 2009, Jared I. Kuroiwa said…
Diet Coke is the stuff that keep the brain working... Bad thing without it.

I've met Dale and Patrick... But still need to see if we can work out something on the business end.

I'm sure we'll bump into each other one day soon.
At 10:23am on March 26, 2009, Fred Rodi said…
Thanks Elya.
Look forward to meeting you.
At 12:09am on November 6, 2008, Curtis J. Kropar said…
When are you moving ? If you are in town before November 21st, here is a little walk that will give you great scenery and an opportunity to meet lots of people !

If you send me an email I can forward you a list of various things that will make getting acquainted with Hawaii much easier and help you avoid some of the headaches I encountered when I first moved here.
At 4:43pm on October 23, 2008, aaron kagawa said…
welcome to the group! glad to hear that you guys are moving to hawaii! welcome.
At 3:30pm on October 23, 2008, Jared I. Kuroiwa said…
Curious... Willing to move hosting if it's "local"... Hopefully we'll talk soon.

Take care
At 1:37pm on October 23, 2008, Mika Leuck said…
E komo mai (welcome) Elya. We are very happy to hear you and your employer are moving to Hawaii. Good luck with your move!

The FAQ is a good place to learn about the site. You may want to join some of the interest groups.

We hope to see you in the groups and forums!


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