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Watch Video Teasers of Aloha on Rails Presentations and Talks


We're proud to present teaser videos for talks and presentations at Aloha on Rails, the Hawaii Ruby on Rails Conference. Aloha on Rails is a three day tutorial and conference, teaching you how to build interactive web applications with the most productive and fun web framework out there: Ruby on Rails! After the tutorial, attend the two day conference and learn more about your craft, your career, and the technologies you use every day. The presentations and talks cover advanced topics such as "Rails 3 API", "Map Reduce", "Technical Debt", "Is Agile Too Slow?", "Cloud Infrastructure Tour", and "Rails AntiPatterns".

If you're new to web programming, register today for the Rails Training in Paradise. This professional tutorial class will teach you how to build, test, and deploy a Rails web application. By the end of the day, you'll have your own web app up and running on the internet!

If you're an experienced web developer, but new to Rails, the Rails Training will be a perfect way for you to cross train and learn new technologies. You'll be able to take lessons learned back to your primary development environment, opening your mind to new techniques and tools. If you're a Java programmer, you'll be especially interested in the JRuby session by Charles Nutter (the JRuby lead).

Enjoy these videos, and don't forget to watch all of the Aloha on Rails interviews.

Register Today to talk story with all our speakers and attendees. Register before September 1st for Early Bird pricing. See you at Aloha on Rails!

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