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Rails Training Added to Aloha on Rails

I'm really excited to announce that the Aloha on Rails Conference has added Rails Training to the program. This professional training is brought to you by RailsBridge, the outreach and advocacy group chartered to create an inclusive and friendly Ruby on Rails community.

This Rails Training in Paradise is designed specifically for web developers new to Rails. If you develop web applications in other languages or environments, or have simply created HTML pages, and are curious about Rails, then this is the training for you! By the end of the training session, you'll have built, tested, and deployed a working Rails application. We will use Heroku, the "google app engine for Rails", making it trivial to get a working Rails application up and running on the web.

The Rails Training is offered the day before the conference, to ensure everyone will get the most out of the event.

A special note for Java developers: Charles Nutter, the lead for JRuby, will speak at the conference. There will be sessions to teach you how to use JRuby to deploy Rails applications into a Java environment. We hope you'll attend the Rails Training to learn about Rails, and then attend the conference to learn how to deploy Rails into your Java infrastructure.


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