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We (v257 LLC) picked up some new assignments this month with Justin leading projects for our business partner, NuCivic, in a collaboration with IBM and the World Bank. We’re managing the development of Open Data web sites for the governments of Sierra Leone and Liberia. And we’re managing another project to enhance an Open Source software package that’s used on the web site (among many others). We’re also working on extending this government transparency model to other projects for Pacific Rim nations.

One of the topics that we’re looking at critically is how to make open government data useful to citizens in the rural villages of third world countries. We need to devise strategies addressing the very serious Digital Divide . No less a challenge is to find ways to educate potential users of open data. College educated Americans struggle with statistics; how can we make government facts and figures useful to third world agrarian and mining communities?

— at Sierra Leone, West Africa.

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