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NanoMechs - The New Multiplayer iPhone Game, is now available on the Appstore ($.99)

NanoMechs is a high speed, multiplayer shooter for the iPhone. NanoMechs features awesome real-time multiplayer action over WI-FI. Gameplay can be compared to popular 1st person shooters, except in 2D with gorgeous graphics!!

Go check it out (and buy it)! If you happen to buy it ($.99) please give it a decent rating, the ratings are huge when it comes to the success of the game! Thank you!

You can can watch the video at or on YouTube at

The Synopsis
Welcome to the nanocosm of NanoMechs: The human race had made a difficult decision. In the distant future our children had no other choice; Nearly all natural resources had been depleted. Warping space was theorized impossible, worm holes were dangerous and unpredictable. Nevertheless energy was pure and bountiful.

Left with one planet as their home, they developed a technology to shrink the entire human race. The processing purified them, it left them with the most pristine portion of the their cellular make up; although extremely small. As a result the Earth was able to begin replenishing itself. For safety, they relocated themselves to multiple colony satellites anchored to the earth, this was more than enough “world” to expand the human race to over 100 billion individuals. Some of them even considered this “heaven”.

Then they developed the NanoMechs, bio-mechanical militaristic mobile suits, to protect their nanoscopic world from impending doom.

-Real-Time Multiplayer Wi-Fi Action
-High-Speed game play
-8 people can battle it out in high-speed simultaneously!
-3 BIG Weapons (to blow up your friends)
-Missle Launcher
-Particle Accelerator Cannon
-Big blue Laser
-more to come…
-4 NanoMechs to choose from and more on the way!
-Death Match Game Mode
-Time-Attack Game Mode Against the Artificial Intelligence
-Cool Robotic Sound F/X
-Amazing graphics
-White-Knuckle Shooter Excitement!

★★Get NanoMechs Soon★★
As we add new levels, weapons, and game modes we’ll increase the price. So early adopters will be rewarded with the current low price!

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