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In Search of One Digital Marketing Platform to Unite Them All

One of the key challenges for online marketers is coordinating effectively the wide range of digital channels for outreach and the fragmented and siloed reporting these channels generate. From my recent research of mobile marketing tools and platform vendors, the situation is improving for marketers -- although it is far from completely resolved.

Starting from a mobile tool-set such as SMS/MMS and voice, many mobile marketing vendors (e.g.Trumpia, Mobile Commons,Exact Target) have created platforms that can also manage email campaigns and subscriber lists (with CRM integration). This is a great start to having online campaigns that are well coordinated across these channels and generate data and analytics all on the same dashboard.

But the move to unify marketing tools and data is still in its early stages. Even within mobile marketing, the text and voice marketing vendors usually exclude push and in-app marketing vendors (e.g.Urban Airship), and vice versa. Message Systems is an unusual vendor that bridges many of these gaps.Responsys, through its recent acquisition of, is another.

And with mobile devices fast becoming the primary mode by which users access social media and many web sites becoming responsive, the realm of mobile marketing keeps expanding. While marketing on each digital channel has its own nuances, it seems that marketers overwhelmed with a proliferation of tools, channels and vendors would need products that do a better job at orchestrating them, helping them harness each effectively and allow comprehensive campaign planning that doesn’t resemble a three-dimensional chess match.

I can see that vendors are moving in that direction, even if the destination is still a ways off.

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