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Finally a lengthy news article on Twitter in Hawaiʻi

Pacific Business News has a surprisingly long article on the use of Twitter by businesses in Hawaiʻi.

The article also provides a list of Hawaiʻi businesses that have Twitter accounts. An attempt to get us to follow them? Maybe.

I appreciate Roxanne Darlingʻs advice, "that doesn’t mean letting the chattiest employees tweet about their lunch choices." Often times on Twitter, there are people who post meaningless comments. This is something businesses should definitely stay away from. We donʻt really want to know when an employee goes on break.

A reader comment by Ben Schorr provides,
Actually Twitter IS very easy but it's not exactly free. By that I mean that businesses shouldn't just sign onto Twitter and start broadcasting whatever comes to mind. Just because it's fast and easy doesn't mean you shouldn't give any thought to what you put out there - it's very easy to embarrass yourself on Twitter or Facebook. The very impulsive nature of the media is exactly WHY it should be entered into with some care. Big City Diner is a great example of using Twitter well.

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