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We’re celebrating our having picked up two more engagements in June, for the States of Georgia and Oklahoma, with a tip of the hat to Andrew Hoppin ( who, several years ago, got me focused on a business model based on long distance, distributed project teams. Justin, of course, continues to do the heavy lifting.

Lately I’ve been reviewing issues of long distance worker health and safety, and of information security with respect to access to corporate information from the remote locations where our developers reside. These are topics that are easily overlooked as time passes. It’s easy, with so many other concerns in the forefront, to grow complaisant and think that health, safety, and security have all been addressed and are just fine. That’s why they need periodic re-examination.

Occupational health and safety is not a direct responsibility of ours. The workers we collaborate with are usually employees of governmental or corporate clients. And aside from the on-line resources we provide in some engagements, most security concerns surround the data holdings of our clients and is a separate responsibility of theirs. Nonetheless, these are issues we look at because they are factors in the successful outcome of the projects we manage, and in the well-being of the workers we depend upon.

We’re celebrating because we are building an ethical and empathetic practice, and because concern over all of the aspects of our projects is not going unnoticed. We’re celebrating because our skill at managing distributed teams continues to grow stronger. We’re celebrating because the road we’re taking is paying rich dividends for all of our partners and clients, and certainly for us.

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