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"Apple Reveals Master Details of Wireless Charging System"


After interviewing in-person with APPLE some years ago, during the course of casual conversations towards the end with the Hiring Manager, I suggested "Wireless Charging" across all of APPLE's product's as a really cool feature that would give APPLE a significant edge over the competition, particularly as it relates to battery life and charging/convenience issues, and even provided technical & engineering details on getting it done.

Looks like APPLE took my idea and ran with it. Last month they filed a formal Patent of this idea I suggested to them during that APPLE interview, with the USPTO. I thought I had proposed my idea as a bargaining chip for them to consider offering me that Career position at APPLE, but since I was turned down, I never gave it another thought after the interview ..... until I saw this article yesterday, where they actually Patented the idea for "Wireless Charging" in Sept 2013, that I suggested to them during that APPLE interview back in 2006.

LESSON LEARNED: I will never act on "Good Faith" again during an interview with ANYONE in divulging technical & engineering ideas, suggestions and solutions, hoping that it would give me a competitive edge for consideration in a potential Career job offer. Acting in "Good Faith" almost always usually typically yields selfish acts of "Bad Faith" in return whether it be from individuals or corporations.

But that's OK. I still have several other blockbuster Patentable ideas which would revolutionize: computing, energy capture/transfer/distribution, battery life longevity, electronics cooling, etc. Will keep these aces "up my sleeve" until AFTER a job offer is made! ;)

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