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101 Million Americans Jobless : 41.47% Real Unemployment!!

101 Million Americans Jobless : 41.47% Real Unemployment!!

Mr. President, who is giving an account of the 88.311 million Unemployed "not in the workforce?" Numbers do not lie ... Do the math.

Those who are "not in the workforce" i.e. ran out of unemployment benefits and are no longer included and therefore uncounted in the official Government statistics of "Unemployed" is actually 7x times greater than those "officially" counted as unemployed. When we add the uncounted of the 88.311 million Americans the government excludes in their statistics, in addition to the 12.696 million the government does count, we end up with an actual number of a staggering 101.007 million people who have no jobs.

In August 2012, yet another 1.6 million joined those "not in the workforce,", i.e. not counted by the US Government. This bings the true Real Unemployment Number to 102.6 Million Americans, and therefore the true Real Jobless Rate to a unconscionable 41.47%.

Therefore we haven't been in a recession for the past 4 years, and what is abundantly clear is that the so called "recession" did not end 2.5 years ago as the US Government is trying to make us believe and insulting our intelligence in the process.

The fact is that we have been, and still are, in a very serious "Depression" going on now non-stop for the past 4+ years. That is the true accurate grim reality based on the facts and figures.

And what is worse than this is what 's exacerbating the problem, which is rampant unchecked "Unemployment Discrimination" against those that are qualified and looking for work, while those that are Employed play Musical Job Hopping with the multitude of Job Openings that are available end plentiful, leaving Qualified Unemployed suffering in the sidelines.

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Comment by Soichiro Yagami on October 15, 2012 at 8:23pm

What to do about it then?


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