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I was finally able to fix the install of this tool and have become fairly enamoredwith it. The UI is simple and effective. The preview will only be useful until you become confident that the tool will work correctly.

There are a number of feature requests for the next version of this tool and I second most of them. For a simple utility, though, I think it is a good start.

For those interested in the install problem, I've narrowed it to two things:

  1. Previous Add-in work started by me had some funky add-ins trying to load
  2. Vista's new special folder structure left the add-in dysfunctional (try this discussion if you need help). You'll have to use the cmd line to find out where all the new junction points go in Vista (dir /a:s)

Overall, I'd say use it if FxCop complains as loudly about your code as it does mine.

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