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I was excited about this tool because I get tired of hearing FxCop telling me to replace literal with a string from the resource file. It's purpose in life is simple--just right-click any hardcoded string and automagically send it to a new or existing resource file.

So, I anxiously click on the msi to install this tool. The install went fine and I fired up Visual Studio to give it a try. I clicked Tools\Add-in Manager... to make sure the install went as well as it seemed and it reported that the add-in was available and loaded. Now, open a project and right click...

Alas, life isn't so easy. The pretty gui featured at codeplex never appeared in my copy of Visual Studio. Right-clicking a string would bring up the Refactor menu which I dutifully clicked and awaited the 'Export string to resouce' menu.

I checked the codeplex site for fixes but could not zero in on anything that looked promising. I will continue to track down what went wrong and report back in a future post.

I hope this isn't the way all of these tools work...

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