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I know TechHui is a community for techies in Hawaii, but what can TechHui do for me? The answer depends on who you are and what you do. Whether you are a Linux enthusiast, an EE professor or a Java developer thinking about moving to the islands, there is something here for you. We've compiled some ideas that cover employers, employees, socialites and nerds alike.
  1. Meet people with common interests. TechHui has over 100 interests groups you can join ranging from Renewable Energy to User Experience Design. If you don't see a group that covers your area of interest, create your own!
  2. Find a job. TechHui's job forum lists plenty of great local technology positions. We also list a number of other great job sites in the Hawaii Tech Sites section on the front page. Make sure to list your skills and experience on your personal page (My Page) and note that you are looking for employment or contract work.
  3. Find an employee or contractor. Browse the groups and forums to find people with expertise in the areas you need.
  4. Announce your new product or service. Use the announcements forum to debut your new company, website, project, class, product or service.
  5. Find answers to your technology questions. Post your question to a related group or forum. Our community is filled with friendly and knowledgeable members.
  6. Start a club or meet-up. Create a group for your meet-up and schedule events in the Event Calendar.
  7. Schedule and manage an event. Use TechHui's Event Calendar to manage public and private events. Events appear on the front page providing your event with plenty of exposure.
  8. Research the technology scene in Hawaii. Whether you are a local student doing research or you are thinking about moving to Hawaii you can get a good feel for what's happening in the state by browsing the TechHui site.
  9. Promote your company and find new customers. Write about your company, your products and your services on your personal page (My Page). You can use HTML and embed rich content such as Flash widgets.
We hope you find this list helpful. If you have other ideas feel free to post them! As always, comments, questions, suggestions and creative insults are welcome.

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