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Doing Business In Indonesia

Did you realize that the Jakarta metropolitan area is the world’s 4th largest, sporting more than 22 million people? Or that Indonesia is the world’s 18th largest economy? Indonesia’s economy has also stayed robust during the last few years of economic weakness, and some 60 million people are positioned to enter the ranks of the middle class in the next decade. Yet the country is only the #32 destination for U.S. exports, signaling that there may be room for improvement.

These were…


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Doing Business In Vietnam

I’ll never forget my first impression of Hanoi: “This is like Taiwan, but thirty years earlier!” So much has changed since then – and so much has stayed the same. You see, my first visit to Hanoi was in 1995 after President Clinton ended the U.S. trade embargo. I found a Vietnam that had moved on from our war, that revered the quality of American products, and that wanted American investment – but only wanted one of everything. Most of that still holds true.

The Hawaii…


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Patents In China

I posted back in the summer about how China produces two-thirds of the world’s counterfeit goods. The New York Times has added some insight to the problem, namely …


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Amazing new Universal Software Radio Peripheral!

Lou Frenzel of Electronic Design magazine talks with Erik Lou Frenzel at National Instruments about some cool new products:  USRP2920 and 2921.  Which are combo of software and hardware platform for building software-defined radio.    Perfect for enhanced learning in the DSP and SDR development.  I think it totally rocks in UI simplicity and JIT capabilities to build SDR projects.   I could imagine awesome use in more advance development in OFDM wireless tuning technology in wideband…


Added by John Sydney Yamane on October 20, 2011 at 12:23pm — No Comments

Dream of Japan (DONE!)

Long awaited update Great news!!!! I took a job in Tokyo Japan last month. I am a senior systems engineer for a nice cloud company here in Shinjuku. Hopefully I can get my act together and start something of my own.

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Are Shared Skype Chats the new IRC?

I think almost everyone has heard of Skype for audio and video calls.  What some people are less aware of is that the text chat functionality can be used for persistent chatrooms like those available through IRC and other chat protocols.  Whether you've heard of IRC or not, you've surely heard of IM.  IRC is a text based protocol that supports very large chatrooms.  Anyone with a server can host multiple rooms and there are many highly active IRC servers still around.  There is huge traffic…


Added by Sam Joseph on October 12, 2011 at 10:30pm — 5 Comments

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