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TechHui Conference 2010

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Track 1 - Art Auditorium Track 2 - Kuykendall 301
9:00-9:50 Keynotes
10:00-10:50 Renewable Energy Super-Panel
11:00-11:50 Game Development User Experience Design
12:00-12:50 Lunch & Networking
12:30-12:50 HTML 5 Session with Seth Ladd,
Developer Advocate, Google
1:00-1:50 Star Trek Tech Today Social Media and Web Marketing
2:00-2:50 Rich Internet Applications Android and iPhone Development
3:00-3:50 Inventors Dual Use Technologies
4:00-4:50 3D CG and Animation
5:00-5:30 Socializing / Networking

Energy Technology
A discussion of renewable energy and energy conservation technologies
Moderator: Joe Saturnia, Island Pacific Energy
Heidi Kuenhle, Ph.D., KuenhleAgro
Mark Duda, Distributed Energy Partners
Warren Doi, Green Car

Game Development
A discussion of game development for mobile and desktop platforms
Moderator: Burt Lum
Timothy Webb, Avatar Reality
Bryce Knight, Avatar Reality
David Neely, DeeNiri

User Experience Design
A discussion of how to optimize user experience for mobile and desktop applications
Moderator: Jay Fidell
Scott Murphy, Ikayzo
Bernard Uy, Wall | Wall
Steven Squire, Skyfarm Digital

Star Trek Tech Today
Find out how the technologies you used to see on the Enterprise are finding their way into today's world
Moderator: Burt Lum
Marcelo Kobayashi, Ph.D., University of Hawaii
Russ Ogi, Rapid Technology
Ken Cheung, Ph.D., Oceanit

Social Media
A discussion about social media technology and its impact on everything from politics to business
Moderator: Jay Fidell
L.P. Neenz Faleafine, Alltop & Pono Media
Mark Wolf, Think Tank Studios
Dan Zelikman, StarrTech
Rob Bertholf, Chapter Three

Rich Internet Applications
Find out whats happening in the world of HTML5, Flash/Flex and Silverlight
Moderator: Burt Lum
Seth Ladd, Google
Kevin Hughes, Sprout
Daniel Leuck, Ikayzo

iPhone & Android
A discussion about development on the iOS and Android platforms
Moderator: Jay Fidel
Gus Higuera, Ikayzo
Sam Joseph, Ph.D., University of Hawaii
Rama McIntosh, Meme Incorporated
John Wang, Ikayzo

Learn about the process of invention from idea to commercialization
Moderator: Burt Lum
Bill Spencer, HI Oceanic Tech
Robert Yonover, Ph.D., See Rescue
Jeff Williams, Williams Aerospace
Leighton Chong, Intellectual Property Attorney

Dual Use
Hawaii's top dual use companies talk about cutting edge technology developed for both commercial and military use
Moderator: Ian Kitajima
James Karins, Pukoa Scientific
Kevin Miyashiro, TeraSys Technologies
Hunter Downs, Fatigue Science

3D CG & Animation
Hawaii's top CG designers and developers talk about the latest in cinematic and game oriented CG technology
Moderator: Burt Lum
Todd Robertson, Hyperspective
Matthew Hawkins, Screaming Wink
Dan Hofstedt, Hawaii Animation Studios
Remington Scott, Hawaii Animation Studios

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