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Google Docs -> WordPress -> InDesign: New Journalism Workflow?

I saw this cool video on WP Candy of how The Bangor Daily News, a newspaper in Maine, has really streamlined their print and online publishing process: Newspaper stories go from Google Docs to WordPress to InDesign.  The video is high-resolution, so you can watch it in full screen.


You can read more details on how this workflow evolved in this post from their blog: Form ever follows function, eventually.

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That is super cool. I have been doing streamlined work on the work-flow side with in lieu of older file sharing work-flows. I am really interested in this - particularly b/c MSFT has been so integral to review processes and I really prefer all Google Docs.

I was just discussing this with some mainland folks the other day...  spawned by this article:


I was thinking this would also be a great way to collaboratively write a book or develop a zine/magazine.


Coincidentally, App Sumo is offering a free video/pdf/audio of how to use Google Docs in amazing ways. It's from Tom Chritchlow at Distilled.

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Personally, I've never been a big fan of web apps.  Google Docs, Gmail, FreshBooks, Base Camp, etc...  you name it...  I probably don't like them in spite of being just about as wired into intertubes as anyone can be.  That connection though isn't reliable enough (lots of airplanes, lanai's and far away beaches).  That connection also usually is also nto fast enough to not be annoying slower than a desktop app.  I susepct they work better for office folks...  but I'm a freelancer work from anywhere and everywhere which includes my Lanai, airplanes to the mainland, my car parked at the beach, the cafe down the street, etc...

Anyway, I digress...  As these services get better at syncing on/offline data seamlessly (iCloud for example) they're finally becoming attractive to me.  Sseeing things like these (Tom Chirtchlow &  Bangor Daily News) being done with Google Dos impresses the heck out of me though...  I know I'm a web developer that hates web apps, kinda of hypocritical, but I'm changing... 





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