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Update: Unconferenz will be held on Saturday, Feb 26, 2011 at Windward Community College

It's good to see all of you joining the Unconferenz in TechHui. Though the Unconferenz 2011 is still a ways off (planned date in Feb 2011), it's never too late to start the dialog on session topics. Let me know what piques your interest and post it here. The tech is constantly changing which makes for an exciting 2011. Mahalo!

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Personal Informatics!
Digital Photo Processing!
Blogging for Dollars!
  1. Web Widgets (PollDaddy, SurveyMonkey, Sprout, etc.)
  2. Hobbyist Robotics
  3. Travel and Tourism Tech - How to enhance the Hawaii experience via technology
  4. Hawaii Geocaching
  5. HTML 5
  6. Google Apps
  7. User Experience Design
  8. Gadgets
Linux, Cloud Computing, Software as a Service (SaaS)
To echo Ryan and Dan:
  • HTML 5
  • GeoSocial (Location Based Social Networking)
  • Web Analytics
  • Travel and Tourism Tech
  • Conversion Rate Optimization
Definitely want a session on Google Me (whatever that might be)!
How about something on job-related or networking-related tips, for all those techies are looking for jobs --- I've seen some posts here on TechHui related to people's frustration trying to find a good job, and it would be good to have a career counselor or recruiter or someone like that talk about what employers are seeking.

I've often thought that some of our applicants would benefit from that kind of thing. Resume help and communication skills and such.
Monica, That's a good idea. I know a couple of executive search firms that place technical resources. I can contact them and see if they can join us during the session.
I'm new to TechHui and Daniel brought this topic to my attention.

I'd be interested in a workshop about how to best prepare for getting into FIRST Robotics. I have two boys, the oldest of which is nearly 5. I'd love to find a way to pry him loose from his iPod Touch and start getting him into building robots as early as possible.

Conversely, I could present a talk about how to design your own interactive avatar online in Blue Mars.

With respect to job-search, I got a request from a recruiter the other day if I knew someone in Hawaii for a tech job. But I had no idea what to do with it, lacking the contacts. Is there a place to post such job openings? Hopefully it will never be necessary, but if I ever find myself looking for a job I'm sure I'd appreciate it myself.
* Grails (Groovy)
* Spock
* Geb (Selenium)
* Git (Github)
* Hudson
* Spring Insight
* Google Apps/Gmail (UH's move to, authentication, IMAP compatibility with Thunderbird)
Google Apps
I am happy to repeat my Bristlebots hands on session.
* Geeks & Tech in Politics
* Android AppDev
* FB AppDev
* Twitter AppDev



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