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The signup for Unconferenz 2011 is open. We've changed it up a bit and made it cheaper for you and easier for me. We have 2 options: Free or Donation. We are foregoing the t-shirt this year and lunch will be available for purchase. Donations are accepted to cover costs for morning coffee, snacks and any miscellaneous expenses. You can donate any amount you want to help the cause. We appreciate it.


You can sign up at:

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I am interested in attending the conference. I will donate $20. I live in Kona. Thanks for letting me know.


John Caudell

Pre-Owned Motor Cars


Hi John, The event is on Feb 26, 2011. You can go to to sign up. Thanks!

Signed up, and will donate in the next few weeks or at least on site. Will shirts also be available for purchase?

Start time at 8 a.m. on the Windward Side? Whew!

I am very excited about this years conference!  Thanks Burt!

Woo hoo! Unconferenz T-shirts! I can continue my annual collection!

I know the photography folks sometimes do a swap meet type table, but a giveaway setup would require a contingency plan for the stuff that no one wants. No fun having to haul it back home! Does WCC have a standing computer recycling setup, Burt? I know UH often does.



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