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What are three ways that the UH ICS program could improve?

If you can think of more than three things, then please limit your response to your top three!

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1. A lot of the courses only have at most, 3 sections, sometimes with the sections still having some overlap, making scheduling very difficult.

2. There are no courses in the department that offer any of the diversification requirement credits or OC credits and very few with WI credits, forcing students to take a bunch of random classes that they may have no interest in.

3. Many of the courses have coursework that takes up a lot of time.

1. One of the main problems that I found about being a UH ICS Student is that some of the courses are late at night which is quite annoying especially because all the rest of my classes are early in the morning. Meaning I have to wait maybe 4-5 hours in the afternoon till my class starts, and by this time, I am already drained and feel as if I won't be able to retain the information as well as I would've normally.

2. I like that the UH ICS Community encourages its students to join clubs to get internship experience, but because it is not mandatory, I have a feeling a lot of students will not participate. It would be nice if there was a course that gave students a way to get hands-on internship experience, so that students get that experience which will be very helpful in the future.

3. I don't like how some courses encourage students to work together, but some courses do not. I had to pay a heavy price because I collaborated with another student in one course, which came to me as a shock because all my previous courses had encouraged teamwork.

3 Bad things about being an ICS Student:

1. From my personal experience so far, the classes don't offer other graduation requirements like WI in early classes within the major, which is unfortunate considering that we need 5 WI credits.

2. It would be nice to have at least another TA for larger classes since it may be difficult to get in person help as the professor's or TA's open office hours may not fit into schedules.

3. The workload can be overbearing at times, which makes it difficult to balance with other classes.

1. More of an emphasis on the fundamentals of coding/programming in the introductory classes (ICS111/211). Whether it be through additional practice in labs or assignments, or more of a focus in lectures, I believe I still lack a mastery of the basics.

2. Coding assignments in ICS 311, such that we can see the algorithms in-use and interact with them.

3. Additional personnel for classes like ICS 212, so classes are offered throughout the course of the school day. 

1. It seems like internships in Hawaii are hard to come by.

2. More courses. I was lucky, but ICS 314 was a highly in demand course and was a prerequisite to most higher level courses and I wasn't able to get in without an override. 

3. This is my first semester, but it seems like required courses are hard to get into.

-High occasional high spikes in assignment difficulty for certain courses

-Very demanding for students who are unable to go to school full time

-Getting personal equipment for programming can be costly

1) More individual assistance from ICS professors, and in relation to this more ICS professors to be able to teach specific areas of interest, just as others have said.

2) I also agree with others that a study area specifically for ICS students would be preferred considering this is a large campus there are a large amount of students here; it would be better this way in my opinion for better focus and such.

3) Possibly something to consider about are the tools and materials for this course; prices can be quite high in some situations so alternatively cheaper options are probably more preferred.

1. It is hard to fulfill focus requirements for the computer science track. It would be beneficial to have the flexibility to take classes that relate to computer science rather than taking an interesting but unrelated course. Perhaps classes that do not have a strong focus on coding, but a writing intensive on ethics that addresses the huge growth of technology in the recent decades and how we can learn from mistakes. Or maybe an oral communications class that has a strong focus on interviewing/handling group meetings.

2. Only a small amount of online only classes are offered. I personally do prefer distance classes but it does affect communication with professors and peers. However, a few more online could alleviate a busy schedule.

3. A larger outreach for community college students. It would make sense to take classes at a community college and transfer to Manoa. Reaching out through apps like Discord would aid in a smoother transition.

1. Learning process is highly dependant on individual students; students have to learn how to code pretty much by themselves. Knowing how to code is already expected to students, therefore requiring more extended study and learning by students themselves.

2. Most of the times, requirement such as WI, OC, E, need to be satisfied separately; students have to take extra courses to fulfill the graduation requirement.

3. Classes are packed; it is sometimes hard to just register for courses because there are few sessions compared to the number of students who want to register for the course.

1. Most computer science classes do not fulfill graduation requirements such as WI.

2. Many essential ICS course are either relatively small sizes or don't have many different sections to choose from.

3. Honolulu does not have as many internship opportunities or large tech companies as other major cities might.

1. One reason I am double majoring in Philippine Language and Literature is because many of their classes fulfills graduation requirements that ICS classes do not have.

2. More time is spent outside of class because on top of homework, many of the flipped classroom style of teaching requires us to put in more time to learn content on our own time.

3. From my experience, sometimes CC ICS classes transfer, but I feel like should not because the material that is taught differs than what is expected and I go in to a class under-prepared.

I think the UH ICS program could improve by

1) providing more opportunities for students and teaching students how to use some of the actual modern software/tools used in addition to the theoretical aspects of ICS, 

2) providing more opportunities for students to apply what they've learned in their ICS courses to practical, personalized projects, and 

3) providing more in-depth information and showcases on the possible job fields ICS students can choose from to motivate students.



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