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What are three good things that the UH ICS program is providing for its students?

If you can only think of one thing, that's OK too.

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1. I like how most of the classes are hands on experiences with programming. I personally learn better by actually working with the thing that we are learning.

2. So far, the professors that I've had have been, not only knowledgeable in their subject, but glad to help if you are struggling with a concept.

3. The TA's are friendly and helpful. This is important because a lot of the lower level ICS classes have large lectures, and the professor doesn't have time for all of the students.

1)There is a wide variety of projects to be a part of and work on.

2)Opportunities to network and meet people in industry through various organizations.

3)They have a good group of teachers and educators creating a good experience for the students.

1. For the most part, there are many different Computer Science projects and courses, so finding an interesting one is no problem.

2. There are many other great, like-minded students and professionals to network with

3. Free professional tools.

I'm gonna change the question a bit...

What are three good things that the UH Computer Engineering program provides?

1) Free MatLab: Sucker for free things, and MatLab has saved my life more than anything else.

2) Design Projects: Although there aren't many for CE, I think the fact that we have to do design projects helps us develop skills that might not be taught in our "normal" classes.

3) An actual major: Kinda weird, but CE is still a relatively new and small major. It's nice that we have a pathway that has our interest in mind if we don't particularly feel like we fit into either EE or ICS.

1. Being able to meet other students with similar interests.

2. We are introduced to a lot of online resources, such as free online courses on specific topics or programming languages. 

3. I am a computer engineering student and through the courses I've taken, I only learned C/C++ so I am glad that we are being introduced to other languages this semester.

1) Choosing from a wide variety of classes for your field of interest.

2) Meeting other ics students with similar interests and goals. Also working with them to accomplish your goals.

3) The different degree paths you can focus on. It's also really flexible if you want to double major.

1) We are provided with free Microsoft programs/tools

2) We are provided with things such as the Lava lounge or the ICS Space for students/TAs/teachers can hang out at

3) We have a wide variety of professional teachers to learn from, as well as a wide variety of different coding subjects/classes we can take to widen our diversity in the field

Three things the UH ICS program is good at providing:

1) The good professors & TAs I've had have been REALLY good: From what courses I've taken so far, I've either had very impressive professors or unreasonably bad professors. But what I want to stress is that the good professors I've had have gone beyond just being "good" and being excellent in every aspect. They teach their subjects clearly, in ways simple for students to understand. They have a wide range of knowledge and professionalism, where I feel I can trust them to know exactly how to solve any question or issue I bring up. They assign difficult projects to challenge and combine our learning. Above all, they always point out the importance of what they're teaching, encouraging students to relate and use their learnings in real life. I feel as if there are many professors in the UH ICS program who are the best sort of professors any student could ask for.

2) Gerald Lau's opportunity emails: Everyone hates getting sent piles of emails, and yet when Gerald does it, it doesn't feel like a bother. When I asked my friends in other majors, I have never heard them mention their advisors being as active as Gerald is in getting opportunities out to the students. With his emails, I am informed about a great many more opportunities than I would have without.

3) Study Space: Albeit small, the program provides a comfortable study area specifically for ICS students. ICSpace is calming and great for meetings, with all the tables, outlets, and boards conducive to learning. My only wish would be for the study space to be larger.

1. I get to work on fantastic, new, cutting-edge projects and play/work with high end tech.
2. I have the freedom to keep my own schedule, as many courses and jobs are online or low-interaction.
3. The community includes bright, interesting people who understand my outlook on life.
4. Comp Sci is an always changing field wherein I can exercise creativity and constantly improve.

1. We are provided with free online resources in most of our classes that we could refer to even when we finish the class.
2. I feel that we have one of the best advisors at UH Manoa as Gerald Lau always seems to be willing to help with any question you may have, which helps a lot as the path to getting a CS degree can be significantly difficult with no guidance.
3. We have many professors and TA's that are not only professional, but humorous as well which provides for a more comfortable and generally better learning environment.

1. You get to learn from experienced individuals who have established themselves with the various projects they have done.

2. You get to create your own education with the variety of courses offered by the ICS department.

3. You get to learn how to build your own professional persona that showcases one’s experiences and abilities to potential employers.

1. Meeting new people is always a great thing. You get to meet different types of people with different interest and passions of why they chose to do Computer Engineering and/or Computer Science.

2. The free advice for software and hardware. I say this because a lot of ICS students (besides the Engineers), do tend to be more tech-savvy, so you get a lot a of helpful advice on different software that can help you with your daily and professional life. As well as good advice for a more "bang for your buck" technological purchase.

3. The pay off of having a program actual work with little to no bugs. The sense of "Yeah, I made that" is one the greatest feelings, in my opinion.



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