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I would put Singapore's Changi and Japan's Narita toward the top. Changi offers free WiFi internet access. You can get all day access at Narita for about $10 last time I checked, and free access in the various airline and exec lounges.

Both locations have multiple mini-internet cafes and outlets everywhere for use by travelers.

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NM (ABQ) has had free wifi and actual desk stations throughout the airport for a number of years. Real, wood desks (in keeping with NM architecture) outfitted with chairs or stools, and outlets.

That sounds a lot nicer than any other airport I've visited in the US. Go ABQ!
Off course I have not traveled to every Airport...but I must say that the exec lounge in Korea is the best airport layover I have ever experienced. Free wifi. Little private cubicles with a desk.  Private shower rooms to freshen up and/or change.  Electrical outlets everywhere.  And a buffet menu. It was very productive during that 3hrs layover in Korea ;)
I agree. Seoul is the best.
The free wifi lounge at Narita is pretty nice but I like Auckland more overall. U.S. airports are so hit and miss..

I was just in Orlando and they had free WiFi, prominently displayed signs and kiosks for people to sit down, recharge batteries, etc.

It was pleasantly surprised as that's not typical in larger American airports.


Btw, does HNL now have free WiFi? I just saw an article saying it does -



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